Sawraj Singh

Sawraj Singh

Editorial Reviews


Brings significant light to present troubles. Dr Singh explores problems in the U.S. and the modern society in general. -- by Dr. Sadhu Singh in The Link Newspaper, Vancouver BC December 29, 2001

Dr. Singh does not impose his ideas on readers. He explains the situation logically and encourages the reader to decide. -- Iqbal Arpan, General Secretary, Punjabi Writers Association

About the Author

Internationally known and widely published, Dr. Sawraj Singh

is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights. Dr. Singh is a constant contributor to magazines and newspapers from Australia to India. He is read by millions of people who enjoy his writing in Punjabi and English.

Dr. Singh is a fellow of the International College of Surgeons and has been honored internationally for his writing and his work in promoting Human Rights.