Las Vegas: Well, what does the USA expect? Ban the NRA!!

In the aftermath of the Massacre of Las Vegas, the latest in a string of gun crimes taking place weekly in the USA spreading despair, destroying families through violence and murder, as we take stock of the sheer dimension of the atrocity, it becomes clear that the United States of America is one giant corporate crudhole managed by imbeciles.

Turn on the TV and what do you get? Almost weekly, certainly many times a year, too many times, scenes of students or young children running screaming from a building, police cowed outside trying to figure out who or what is inside, some lunatic rampaging through the rooms with a fixed, detached, almost placid expression on his face (I repeat, "his"), shooting people as if they were faceless targets, which to him of course, they are.

Then the media wagon rolls into town, with eye witness accounts fueling the home viewer brigade with wow stories, warnings that there may be some blood, which gets the home viewers sitting up on their seats, bending forward eagerly as they nonchalantly ask the next person passing the kitchen to bring another pack of popcorn, chips or crackers, and another can of soda.

"After what you have seen, how do you feel?" is perhaps one of the most idiotic questions asked, to which the straight answer "How do you think I feel, my entire family was wiped out by a f***ing lunatic" is edited out and pride of place is given to someone who has broken down in tears and explained graphically and in slow motion, using body language, arms and hands as illustrators, how the bullet entered the left side and left the right side of her two-year-old son's head and how his brains splattered her brand-new white dress which she had saved up for three months to buy. Now comes the "ah" story, but her church was there to support her and everyone is praying for her family at this difficult time.

BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG! Rattatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata!!!!!!! Thud. (screams) Male voices chanting Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar! Fast forward to Northern Syria where a member of the "Moderate Syrian Opposition" has just shot a three-year-old girl, bleeding to death in the arms of her screaming mother as her ten-year-old sister looks on. The killer weapon was one made in the United States of America. The mother is subjected to a horrifying gang-rape lasting two and a quarter hours, as her ten-year-old daughter is forced to look on, then she in turn is repeatedly raped before and after she has been decapitated by the thugs supported by Washington and their allies.

The fate of those roasted alive at an Afghan wedding party was different because the (American) coward in the sky (from deep inside the United States, not far from Vegas) released an incendiary bomb directly on top on them from thirty-five thousand feet, because the men were celebrating by firing machine guns into the air to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck, as is the custom in their country.

The same in Las Vegas as elsewhere: The hand of Washington

And back we go to Las Vegas. What happened there was exactly the same thing happening elsewhere, in Libya (marauding terrorist gangs decapitating six-year-old boys), in Syria (where Christian nuns are being tortured and raped by the "moderate western-backed opposition"), in Afghanistan, as it happened before in Kosovo (Albanian terrorists attacking the security forces, firemen, ambulance drivers and the police with western weapons). And why? Because the US authorities knowingly sell guns or allow guns to be sold at home and abroad.

And the reason for this, ladies and gentlemen, is that the United States of America is one gigantic corporate crudhole, run by elitist lobbies who could not give a twopenny damn for the guy in the street, so long as he is buying, consuming and wasting so that he can buy, consume and waste some more. This can be packets of fries, cans of beer or guns and roses and he can waste food, fries or folks.

They could not care less whether the packet of food is safe, whether it contains harmful chemicals, whether enough research has gone into GM products, they could not care less whether consuming canned drinks causes hypertension, diabetes and cancer - the more so because guess who owns the corporate interests in the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance corporations?

The United States of America is run by a clique of spineless, clueless, incompetent Anglo-Irish fuddy-duddies or those who allow this group to place a vice around their cujones until they squeal like pigs when pressed, and this vapid bunch of super-rich back-slapping golf-playing morons is owned lock, stock and barrel by the National Rifle Association, the Fascist pigs who congregate in and around it and in the Satanic Christian Churches filled with Bible-slapping murderers, who preach the good word of the Lord one minute and praise the murderous exploits of Washington the next. They are closer to the Devil than God.

A violent society engenders violence

Violence is violence, and a violent, unprincipled society engenders violence. They do it overseas, they do it at home. So forgive me but the reaction when I see yet another massacre on television, is ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BOOOOOOOOOrrriiiiing!! What again? It ain't rocket science. If you allow weapons to be sold, among 300 million imbeciles, there are going to be enough nutters, misfits and sociopaths to ruin the lives of countless families for decades to come.

The answer? If you really value the lives of those who have been killed, in the USA and by US personnel abroad, and really respect the nightmare their families go through, at home and overseas, then disband the NRA, tame the power of the lobbies and take back the country by next time around electing someone from a third party who is competent, who doesn't have his finger in the pies of evil, launching missile strikes against sovereign nations to then profit because he himself has interests in the companies that make missiles, someone from the people who understands the people, who has the balls to take the right decisions for the right reasons.

Until then, the rest of us will continue to classify the United States of America as a gigantic corporate crudhole run by unprincipled self-seeking incompetents, peopled by spineless cowards, an epitome of the blind leading the blind off a cliff.

As for Las Vegas: Las Vegas: Well, what does the USA expect? Ban the NRA!!

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