Theresa May: A demonstration of Russophobic, xenophobic idiocy

Theresa May spoke yesterday of "Russian agression" against the Baltic States and Poland and said that NATO must stand together to face the threat from the East. Apart from the sheer and utter idiocy of the comments, the notion remains that the western leadership is becoming ever more desperate, to the point of humiliating themselves with 1980s rhetoric.

OK Theresa May is not a people person. She is happier sitting at a desk in an office with the door locked, poring over reports of cricket matches, her face lighting up only when her husband saunters into the room with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. She may occasionally make a foray into a fashion magazine and order a pair of shoes online or some ghastly trouser suit which makes her look like an alien that has been dragged through a swamp before being thrown into a wind tunnel but after an encounter with a shredder.

A bit like a pot-bellied crossdresser

Today's breakfast was ruined with that fake Maggie Thatcher voice that she likes to put on, trying desperately to lower her tone by one octave and sound convincing. They say she practices her power walking along the corridors of Number Ten but cannot bear to look in the mirror because it's "jolly embarrassing"...and one sees her point. In a way it is a bit like a fifty-year-old pot-bellied binge-drinking divorcee who takes to crossdressing to spice up his life a bit, only comes short, so to speak, when his hairy belly gets caught in the zip of the hot pants and he rips his tights when he tries to squeeze into them, falling flat on his backside - lipstick plastered half-way across his face, make-up base used as eye shadow and so much blush that his cheeks look like peeled beetroots. And it gets worse when he decides to plod along the sidewalk in high heels, one snapped off, to the nearest Trans bar to see what happens. The mind boggles. What a mess. Not a pretty sight, then again he does not have what it takes.

And neither does Theresa May. For a start, who the Hell does she think she is mouthing off about Russia in a display of shit-headed arrogance, utter idiocy, insolence, stupidity and a shocking degree of ignorance which one would not expect from a person occupying her position? No wonder she lost her majority at the election.

Secondly, what exactly is she referring to when she mentions Russian "aggression"? Did Russia support terrorists on its own lists of proscribed groups, as the United Kingdom did in siding with LIFG in Libya, clearly in black-and-white on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office list of terror organizations? Did Russia involve itself in the internal affairs of a sovereign state as the UK did in Iraq? Did Russia involve itself in lies in trumping up a non-existent causus belli? Did Russia put boots on the ground in flagrant breach of UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011)?

The answer to these questions is no because unlike the UK, Russia has an independent and ethical foreign policy which does not entail running around behind the United States of America like a little Poodle wagging its tail and doing stupid tricks to get a pat on the head and does not use support of terrorists, training and aiding and abetting illegal armed groups as part of its policymaking, intrusion and skulduggery, unlike London, which has caused practically all of the major unrest across the globe through its meddling and interference. All roads lead to London, eh what?

So perhaps Theresa May would like to spend a little more time outside her office speaking to people and learning a little how the real world works instead of closeting herself away with copies of the Wisden Cricket Manual and Vanity Fair fashion magazines and come across as someone with kudos and gravitas, for a change? Or does she not have what it takes?

Perhaps Theresa May would like to read my piece Baltic States and Revisionism to see what Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia were doing during the Second World War when the Soviet Union was losing 26 million souls actually fighting Hitler and destroying Nazism. Then perhaps she would like to tell us exactly where this Russian aggression is supposed to come from. Probably the same place as her notions that she is fit to be a Prime Minister.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey