Donald J. Trump: The American version of Pussy Riot

Let us call a spade, a spade. Donald J. Trump does not have what it takes to be the representative of his country on the international stage because he does not possess one iota of emotional intelligence. The result is that he flounders and thrashes around like a bull in a china shop making things worse with every movement he makes. He is the US version of Pussy Riot.

Donald Trump is a destroyer, not a fixer. He is also a puerile, vapid, boringly predictable, primary, spiteful human being who surfs the crest of a wave composed of knee-jerk reactions, ape-like responses and slithering, snake-like skullduggery. In short, Donald J. Trump is the epitome of what the United States of America has become: gaudy, brash, brassy, ostentatious yet at the same time pulpy, pithy, tasteless and kitschy. The culinary version of Donald Trump would be a lurid restaurant with flashing neon lights, a door with the words "show girls" stamped onto a red plastic plaque with an arrow pointing to the door handle and meals composed of an octopus tentacle, curried, served with melted cheese, a spoonful of grated carrot dripping in honey, half a sugar-encrusted baked potato smothered in hot pepper sauce, sitting on a piece of slate which serves as a plate costing upwards of fifty bucks. It ain't pretty, has no class at all and satisfies neither the hamburger crowd nor the foody snobs, falling flat somewhere between nouvelle cuisine and nouveau riche.

Trump falls flat on his face

So it is hardly surprising that in his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly Donald Trump fell flat on his face and made a prize idiot out of himself and his country. What is surprising, and very much so, is that analysts were so quick to take it seriously. In fact, Trump's inaugural speech at the UNGA was forty-one minutes of bilge, balderdash and bull. Using the venue for a grandstaging event was tantamount to delivering a raucous version of "I wanna screw the ass offa Daisy Ann" from behind the altar of a cathedral. He is the US version of Pussy Riot.

The North Koreans, more specifically the Foreign Minister of the DPR Korea, Ri Yong-ho, called his speech the words of a "barking dog" and stated that they felt sorry for his aides. In other words, what's that clown been saying today? And what did he say? For a start he used the stage of the world's crisis-resolution center, the United Nations Organization, which is supposed to defend peace and security, harmony between nations and peaceful, sustainable development, as a platform to reach out to his supporters at home, speaking about the Stock Market in New York and talking about creating jobs for American workers, then threatened the Democratic People's Republic of Korea with annihilation and insinuated that he was going to rip up another treaty the USA has signed, this time with Iran.

Conclusion: a treaty signed by the United States of America is worthless.

Trump should take a page out of Putin's book

As regards the DPR Korea, Trump could take a page out of Vladimir Putin's book. The Russian President recently suggested that instead of faffing around upping the ante with threats of military intervention and puerile displays of strength with military exercises (my words), why doesn't the President of the USA try diplomacy, sit down and do his job? So instead of threatening to annihilate the DPR Korea at the UN General Assembly, suppose Donald Trump had shown some emotional intelligence and said something along the lines of "I am the President to solve matters, not make them worse, so I formally invite all my partners to sit down with me and once and for all solve the problems threatening the peace and security of our community"? Nice idea? OK give me the job and I'll do it for free. And while we're at it, let us throw in the issue of Israel, stealing Palestinian lands and building colonies. Not a word from Trump, of course.

Trump's threats did nothing except underline the notion that he is powerless, frustrated, feeble and impotent. He knows that if he fired missiles at the DPR Korea, as he did gratuitously against Syria, a country fighting Islamic State, then his dear friends and allies would experience something akin to Washington's own twin atomic terrorist attack in 1945; these friends and allies being the Japanese, who occupied Korea before the Second World War and who did not make many friends there, treating Koreans like pigs, along with his dear friends in the South of the Peninsula (the Republic of Korea) who helped raze Pyongyang, slaughter a quarter of the country's population and commit massacres and torture during the Korean War. And increasingly, San Francisco and even New York risk being turned into piles of ash.

And these days, after Iraq, after Libya, a weapons program is your only guarantee of security against a bully and a coward. He knows that, we know that, everyone knows that, so the DPR Korea does not even need to reply. What do you do when a drunkard bawls obscenities at you in the street? An idiot replies in kind and starts a fight which is going to end up in you getting hurt or else immobilizing the assailant and face police charges of assault. A balanced, responsible and intelligent individual ignores it and walks on. Trump behaves like the former - an idiot, and manages to be the drunkard in the analogy even without drinking. Precious!

And to top the stupidity, the President of the USA showed a singular absence of character, by stating that the treaty his country signed with the Islamic Republic of Iran was an embarrassment and that we would be hearing more on the issue soon, accusing Teheran of supporting terrorists and exporting instability. Translation: Israel, which controls the foreign policy of the USA in the Mid-East, is getting worried that battle-hardened Hezbollah will be lining up on its borders, as Islamic State gets liquidated by the heroic Syrian Arab Army, Russia and Iran-backed Hezbollah. On this issue, I invite the President of the United States to bring forward hard evidence of Iran's alleged subversive terrorist activities and then we can investigate Washington's relationships with such groups across the world.

A nonsensical Israel-backed anti-Iranian policy

Iran has respected every world and letter of the agreement it signed and an agreement is an agreement. Or rather, it is outside the United States of America, whose signature at the bottom of the contract is as significant as something scrawled in excrement onto the walls of a public latrine in a soccer stadium.

So again, what is Donald Trump's point? Why not man up and say something along the lines of "OK guys we screwed up in Syria, we supported terrorists and bombed the Syrians who were fighting Islamic State as Iran is doing and now that ISIS is defeated, our friends Israel say that unless Iran is trashed they will pull strings with the Jewish Lobby, screw our economy and make nasty films about me in Hollywood"? Next stop, an Iraq-style Iran campaign as the train nears the station called the People's Republic of China (and strives to set up a colony on China's eastern border, read the chapter called DPRK)?

Risible naivety

As for the rest of his speech, its naivety was risible. Invoking the Constitution of the USA as the paragon of freedom and well-being, this same charter has been insulted time and time again by Presidents whose cujones were caught, like his, in the vice of the corporate elitists who hijacked the agreement he drools over, forcing invasive and imperialist policies not on North Americans but on countless peoples across the world. Where was that bloody Constitution when Americans were invading Iraq outside the auspices of the UN Security Council, where was that Constitution when Americans were targeting civilian structures with military hardware, where was that Constitution when Americans were torturing detainees in Abu Ghraib torture and concentration camp, urinating on people, urinating in their food, sodomizing them, forcing Moslems to eat pork, where was that Constitution when American cowards in the sky were strafing wedding parties in Afghanistan without any degree of respect for local culture, where was that Constitution when the Americans were attacking Libya, the country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa, supporting terrorists and bombing water supply networks, where was that Constitution when nthe US and its allies in Europe attempted to tear Kosovo out of Serbia and turn it into a narco-State in the center of the Balkans, where was that Constitution when the USA was attacking Syrian forces fighting against ISIS and where was that Constitution as the United States of America aided terrorists who were raping nuns, impaling boys on stakes, raping little girls before and after they were beheaded and after being forced to watch their parents being tortured to death? So to Hell with the Constitution, a pile of crap that belongs in the toilet where it sat while Washington was doing its demonic worst.

So if the world is crawling with terrorists, as Trump claims, then how does Trump justify the military presence of the USA's thousand-odd bases in sixty-odd countries? Either they are the ones instigating the problem or they are as useful as a gaggle of grannies after a night on the gin.

So much for Trump's claims that the USA did not seek territorial expansion after its twin atomic terrorist attack against a Japan which had already agreed to the same terms of surrender before Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Maybe Trump did not know that but then again does he know anything? Does he know about the heroic fight of countries in Latin America whose socialist systems freed millions from the yoke of Washington-based Fascist regimes, from political imprisonment, from torture, from rape, as today we see in Cuba, on the American base of Guantanamo Bay torture and concentration camp where detainees are held and tortured without due legal process? So much for his claims about imprisonment and torture. Not a mention that the Socialist Government in Venezuela was democratically elected, not a word about Cuba's heroic medical and education programs around the world. For free. And where has his diplomatic wizard, the Texan oil magnate, sorry US Secretary of State Tillerson been in recent months? The Head of US Diplomacy is as diplomatic as a dildo at a nunnery. But less useful.

And a final point: Mr. Ri Yong-ho was categorically wrong in calling Trump's comments those of a barking dog. What comes out of a dog, from either end, is worth twenty times more than anything Mr. Trump has to say.

Donald J. Trump is a political hijacker of the worst kind, he is a self-seeking, narcissistic, egocentric, pompous elitist who has never once in his life lived a second of the hardships he claims to understand, he uses the working class of the USA as a springboard to launch his self-centered policies which serve his own business interests and insults the intelligence of those who have to listen to his brazen idiocy day after day.

One final thought: Pence would be even worse. My God, look how low the USA has sunk. Trump is a one-horse race and a one-term failure. Time for the people of the USA to wizen up and choose a candidate who will honor their country, people and Constitution instead of insulting them and the rest of the world.


By Bart Hiddink - Angry Bull - Creative Commons 2009 high resolution, CC BY 2.0,


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