G20: Letter from an American to Russia and Russians


Dear Russia,

My name is Bridgette and I'm an American Deplorable.

You might remember me as I was formerly known, an American Nobody.

I'm writing because the US has so rudely forgotten to thank you and to apologize for the ridiculous actions of our outgoing president. We were all as puzzled and horrified at the way he kicked families out right before Christmas, mid school year. Oh, and the sanctions. We couldn't believe how he took out his frustration of losing, and his fear of being exposed, on the Russian people.

Looking back it makes sense.

You see, our old president used our agencies against us. Our FBI allowed him to do that. He would make decrees for nothing else than to stir the hatred pot, which is the only thing that gets our Democrats elected. Well, that and all of the millions of people working here illegally with stolen ID's that they also use to illegally vote in our elections.

He also passed a law on his way out permitting a 50 year old man to urinate next to a 7 year old girl in all public bathrooms. No joke. This tie's into the infamous Russian probe so bare with me. All he did for 8 years was make decrees that hurt us in every way he possibly could so it makes sense when he monitored Trump on a ridiculous dossier of lies from the infamous Christopher Steele. Something about a bed, prostitutes, urine, and Obama I think.  Obama knew that Trump wanted to lead us to friendship with Russia so he sabotaged this on his way out. Looks like Trump was set up actually. He was unmasked for no other reason that political sabotage and then Obama made another last minute decree allowing the unmasking of Trump to be leaked to many people instead of just a few so this information could be illegally passed to the worst news outlet imaginable; CNN, the NYT and the ever retracting Washington Post. All of this in my opinion of course, based on the facts I have seen and heard.

Our lone vote past president said he, by himself and not by our vote, sanctioned the people of Russia for 'election meddling'.

We asked, Election meddling!! How many votes were changed???

None he said.

Then what did Russia do we asked.

They hacked emails he said.

What did they expose we asked because all we saw was someone exposed what many of us already knew. HRD22@clintonemail was pretty much up to her ears in criminality and her 'foundation' was nothing but a corrupted joke as all Congressional 'foundations' are. The problem is that many of our elected pass laws to help themselves, so while they eat caviar on our dime at the Mayflower Hotel, we peasants eat a sandwich in between jobs.

What they call a threat to our election and our democracy, we call truth and some long awaited justice.

What we didn't know is some traitor named Donna from CNN, was rigging our election for hrd22@clintonemail.

We also didn't know that the DNC actually rigged the primary vote so when Bernie should have been celebrating his voter's victory, Bernie grew very quiet and allowed those voters to be silenced.

So when they talk about Russian meddling, we laugh at them for all the obvious reasons.

We found out a lot and we were thrilled that Lady Justice was finally showing her beautiful, bright face.

Then golly gee and lordy, we watched our James Comey shoot our Lady Justice down. He made Her sit in a corner bleeding and we were all pretty mortified. He stabbed Her and all of America in the back on that fateful and tragic day last July. That was a very sad day for America, and for truth, as justice was definitely not served. Again.

I've been a bit privy to the inner workings of DC and had a close relationship with a man very high up in the NSA. Believe me when I say, I witnessed some very shady dealings first hand. We have some very bad players in our government and for very good reasons, we lost the little trust we had.

So we were puzzled as can be as the only meddling we saw, came from CNN, HRD22@clintonemail, the DNC camps, and quite possibly, people within our own trusted FBI. That's all we know for certain and without a doubt. Those who meddled in our election, those people who actually did steal American's votes, they got another free pass and the Russian people got sanctioned and sent packing.

We saw how wronged you were and us Deplorables understood what was happening very well. We too had been ridiculed and called all sorts of names and lied about by our past president and our past secretary of state, and many of our 'journalists'. We were targeted for years and beat down by Obama and his people, by the same government agencies who swore to protect us. So we knew exactly how you must have felt in the face of such lies and hypocrisy. Betrayal and hypocrisy are horrid women. I know as I unfortunately have to walk with them every single day.

Honestly, if I would have had a phone number to call any of you last December I sure would have dialed and said, please hang on. Trump's coming in and he promised us that he would right what was obviously wrong. I would have said Justice and Truth are coming and not in the form of some plastic buzzer that says Overload. You know what I'm talking about. Now that was an awkward moment for us all.

I also certainly would have asked if you might track down those 33,000 emails HRD22@clintonemail destroyed, after they were subpoenaed. We never got to see what was there since our FBI director allowed her to destroy all evidence and you do seem to be way ahead of us in the cyber department, obviously from the hell our agencies who were hacked released on to the world. Of course, no one in the US is stating that obvious elephant in the room as we're too busy sanctioning Russia for exposing crimes and for fighting the EU, UN and NATO from what appears to be their takeover of Ukraine.

A lot of us would have called you and said the exact same thing and I guess since we pay our FBI's salary, we could be considered the FBI director's boss. Therefore, if speaking the truth and asking our FBI director to speak the truth constitutes a crime, they will have to lock millions of us up with our President Trump. We call us truth seekers, they call us colluders but understand this, what they don't know is that we elected President Trump and we love him just the way he is. We were beyond sick of the lies and the corruption in our government. I know we're quiet mostly as we're working all the time, but one thing we are is loyal. We know that the Merkels, the Macrons, the Soros, and Obamas of the world, along with the forever dishonest main stream media....we know they're not attacking President Trump. We know they are attacking us, and our vote, and our voice.

 You see, we told then candidate Trump the horrible problems we saw. He didn't tell us.

He's just speaking for us and what no one seems to get is that our President Trump has a formidable army standing with him. He stands firm with millions and millions of Americans that don't want Merkel making our laws. My God, she leaves her own people for dead and is going around the world sanctioning and bullying smaller Countries, like our awesome Polish friends, for...get this...not wanting the Muslim Crazies in their Country. The Muslim Crazies are a very vile, violent, and backwards group of folk. Even putting the many, many murders across the globe by the Muslim 'refugees' aside, we now have Shari law, genital mutilation of children, and honor killings in our Country.

Right here in the USA thanks to our past president Obama.

The US is far from perfect but one thing we do, or did until Obama, is learn from our mistakes and move forward. Never backwards. Not until our lawmakers looked the other way while Obama unleashed death, terror and disease into our streets. The stories of lives that were ruined and taken by allowing millions of unchecked 'refugees' into our towns is heartbreaking.

You see many of us here are pretty intelligent, contrary to what 'HRD22@clintonemail and the Obama's have been saying about us for years. We're not racist or homophobe or xenophobes as HRD22@clintonemail called us when she was obviously hitting the Chardonnay a little too much, again. We just appreciate some common sense which our leaders clearly seem to be lacking. We love immigrants. We just don't want to be overrun by them. We're sick of watching our government giving away our money when we can barely eat some weeks.

We love helping others but not at the expense of our Veterans who we cherish so incredibly much sleeping in parks, or dying for lack of the aid they very much deserve, or our elderly having to decide between food and medicine, or our youth having no future or hope, or our inner cities being raped by the very people they elect. We want to see our own taken care of and somehow we are vilified for this by our own past president, his misguided followers and the msm, of course.

So as Obama's and Soros faithful are running through the country screaming Red Scare and calling us rational thinkers Russians, as if it's a bad thing, us Deplorables are extending our hand and trusting you will accept it. Because we're smart and we see that you have been fighting the same fight we are, and it would certainly behoove us to be on the same side in fighting terrorists, by whichever name they call themselves this week, and fighting for the right to our sovereignty. Every Nation, both big and small, deserves the right to make their own future and pave their own path and we certainly need no input from those running the EU, who wish nothing but complete control, even at the cost of their own citizen's lives and safety.

If that is what Germany and France want, they can have at it but we will always say no thank you to that offer and I firmly believe that your President Putin helped us be able to say no when our own past president pretended he couldn't hear us screaming for some relief. Believe me when I say, we were rightfully very afraid of our own government but now we can tell them, come at us again. Just try it because we now have a very bold voice and we will not give up our freedoms and our Nation's right to govern ourselves to some schmucks who think they're all knowing gods.                                          

We see those bullies in the EU, the cholera spreading UN, and the thumb sucking NATO as our biggest threat. The threat from the people who have corrupted those groups is way above ISIS and whatever other killing groups HRD22@clintonemail and Obama have propped up during their years in charge.

We don't want a bunch of pedophiles from the UN enforcing our laws. We certainly don't want Merkel in charge of our safety and we don't want drunken Juncker threatening to take our beloved Texas and Ohio from us. We absolutely don't want the ankle biting Chihuahua Macron looking down his nose at us (no offense to Chihuahuas of course) and Soros....we definitely want no part of that control freak. They are bullies and they are very dangerous to every Nation's sovereignty and freedom.

You see, many of us believe that the UN, Soros and his minions, along with some nefarious players from the US created the refugee crisis on purpose for nothing other than a takeover of the Middle East wealth, along with complete control over other nations. Our nations to be exact. Apparently Angela Markel thinks she should be in charge of that and so began the Arab Spring-ing and desecration of Middle Eastern peoples land, homes, and most tragic of all, their very lives at the hands of evil Muslim terrorists who the EU and Obama unleashed on the most vulnerable in the Middle East.

Our enlightenment started back in 2015 in Benghazi. Why would HRD22@clintonemail and Obama leave our men for dead and lie to us about what happened? Why would they put an innocent American in jail for making a movie that they blamed for the death of our men?

Do you know they ruined that man's life? They left my fellow American sitting in jail for a year to cover their lies and left my men, my fellow Americans, for dead.

Before that, since the MSM covers up rather than reports, many here had no idea what we were even doing in Libya. Pretty much like we have no idea who we have been actually fighting in Syria for so many years when it's apparent from how quickly Russia has Isis on the run, that we were certainly doing something very wrong. It's as if our enemies knew our moves before we made them, as if our enemies read our State secrets in an unsecured classified email or something. Who knows.

Obama promised to get us out of the Middle East, so what were we doing smack dab in the center of an "Arab Spring"? The MSM kept saying that Arab spring was happening in the Middle East and finally people were gaining their freedom against some horrid leaders like Kaddafi.....we didn't really hear too much but we were happy for the people in the Middle East and their Arab Spring.

Then comes that very odd tweet to your President Putin from John McCain. It was a threat actually.

A tweety threat from some guy in Arizona.

He said that Arab Spring was coming to Russia's backyard.


Did some senator who does not represent anyone but a small group in Arizona just tweet a threat to a sovereign leader?

Was Arab Spring a planned and controlled event?

Was the Arizona senator giving away our military plans for unseating the President of Ukraine? In a tweet?

And why was Victoria Nuland deciding which man was best to control Ukraine?

I don't know but from where I'm sitting, the Ukraine 'uprising' was looking like an outside takeover, the Soros way, which we know very well here in the USofA.

I guess the elected leader of Ukraine wanted his citizens to not be conjoined in any way to the dangerous bullies in the EU. It certainly appears they took him out and John McCain knew about it before it happened while Victoria Nuland, a HRD22@clintonemail appointee, was actually choosing the Ukrainian President's replacement.

Many of us here see that Putin and Russia was only protecting itself and its sovereignty, rightly so. Actually, if it wasn't for your President Putin, we all might be being led by some pedophile drunks who we didn't even elect right now. I think we owe him our gratitude for standing up to the bullies in Geneva, Brussels, and in the US.

I'm going to say it, you have a very smart and very strong President, who for selfish reasons or not, might just have staved off the takeover by the EU for the time being. Sanctioning you, the Russian people, for your President protecting you from an obvious threat is just not right. Sanctioning someone that is meddling in your meddling, for spying on your spies, for being apparently more corrupted than the corrupted accusing you...if it weren't so dangerous it would actually be funny because it's so incredibly absurd.

Dear Russia, I hope that by stating the truths we see that you will know that we want peace and we crave truth. We've been used, abused and lied to for so long that we really can't take much more and some honesty and respect is certainly due us all. We are tired and we are ashamed.

We want nothing but friendship with Russia and we know that means we both need to change course. The citizens of the world truly need a break from their leaders and we all deserve some honesty, and Nuremburg type of justice, so that we can heal.

My biggest hope is that if it is possible, our President Trump will help us become your friends and allies because given the choice, I certainly would rather be on your side than not on your side, believe me. I know a good deal when I see it and our peoples have so very much in common and that we agree on.

There is no reason to continue on this road of lies and distrust. We want to veer off that road that leads to absolutely nowhere.

Some of our elected leaders have been shameful and we are so very sorry for the damage and bullying they have done across the globe in our name.

I hope someday soon we welcome your President Putin into our beautiful House with our friendship and respect. I mean we flew a plane load of cash to a leader HRD22 and Obama both called our biggest threat. Our past Secretary of State took "donations" from people who think it's cool to burn others in cages because of their faith. We even had a lady over for dinner that doesn't even protect her own citizens from death, rape and terror. She actually welcomes it on her citizen's behalf. The list goes on, so why in the world would we not invite the leader of a Country who wants the same things we do into our home? Why would we not invite a leader of a great Country, who possibly played a part in exposing the biggest political crimes in the history of the United States?

It makes no sense to me.

One thing I do know, we are extremely proud of our President Trump and we trust he will do the right thing for us. He has taken blows that would have certainly sent a lesser man running back to his gold home, or to Indonesia maybe, for cover. But not our Trump. He has not let us down once and he certainly carries millions of our voices and our hopes for peace so we encourage your President and ours to sit and chat as long as they need and forget the outside g20 static. I have great confidence that both our nations want peace and that both of our leaders want peace on their citizens behalf.  We both deserve this and I hope you know that although you can't see us, we will be there with our President in spirit and in defiance of anyone who threatens our sovereignty, or yours.

Contrary to the media and Merkel, our President Trump is never alone.

God bless you Russia. Hope with me for peace and justice so the sins and deaths of the last decades may never be repeated by anyone.

And thank you. You and your President Putin have been very strong in the face of those threatening our right to govern ourselves. Us Deplorables will always be grateful for this.

The Merkel's of the world might call what I write hate speech and want to send over the thought police, but for right now this is my voice and this is my truth.

Your hopeful friend in the USofA,

An American Somebody.

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey