UK election: Analysis

There was one clear winner in the 2017 general election in the United Kingdom  among a field in which nobody else actually won. That was the opinion polls which this time got it right. In the field, the candidate who came nearest to glowing in victory was Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, whose positive campaign and strength of character came shining through.

For Prime Minister Theresa May, the result was a huge disappointment. She went into the election with an absolute majority of twelve for the Conservative (Tory) Party and lost the majority, having to rely on the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) from Northern Ireland to gain support for her policies, given that the rest of the opposition unites against her party. She comes out of the election weaker, knowing that the country at large does not support her, knowing that she is not liked and knowing that she is not trusted, due to the fact that she is rude, aggressive, nasty, spiteful and over-the-top in her debates with Jeremy Corbyn and given the fact that she makes constant U-turns in policy and ducks debates like a sniveling coward.

Two allegations under investigation

Her position was weakened substantially by the fact that another terrorist attack occurred days before the general election (the second during the campaign), when it was revealed that she had been responsible for cutting the police force by 20,000 officers on the streets, something which would defy logic in the event of increased terrorist threats. There are rumors that her husband is connected to a private security firm. It remains to be proved how many contracts are awarded to this firm by the Government to cover for the lack of policing. Under investigation.

Another allegation which has been bubbling but which has not yet exploded is the disappearance of many files on paedophilia in the House of Commons, gathered since the 1970s, which allegedly disappeared from the Home Office (Interior Ministry) under her nose and on her watch. Under investigation.

Will the Tories support someone who got it so monumentally wrong?

For someone who went into this election thinking that she would gain a massive absolute majority, relying on a non-campaign, relying on not bothering to appear in public, underestimating her main opponent, thinking that the UKIP vote (right-wing) would come back home to the Tories, Theresa May got it monumentally wrong, underlining the reason why she makes so many U-turns.

She is incompetent as Prime Minister, a failed cook in the kitchen. She does not have what it takes to govern the UK and she will find out in person when she begins the Brexit negotiations. The reason why is because she has led a cloistered existence and tends to be arrogant and conceited, possibly as a defence mechanism. This Winter a number of pensioners will freeze to death as a result of her policy of taking away the Winter Fuel Allowance, donated to pensioners by Labour.

She arrogantly snorts to Jeremy Corbyn "It's called leadership, try it some time" in Commons debates, this being the main reason why people have turned against her. Nobody likes a snide, arrogant female who tries to humiliate her opponent without debating issues and who instead of coming across as strong and stable, appears weak and wobbly, a frightened cowardly chicken unwilling to appear in the real world. A very bad politician coming out of the election weaker and herself in a coalition of chaos.

As for Jeremy Corbyn, on entering this election, he had beaten a major rebellion in the Labour Party and has brought Labout back to Labour values, back to the grass roots, back to the bases. It is a Progressive Party which favors social values and today and fundamentally, with its policies financed.  Jeremy Corbyn's Labour stands against austerity, stands for affordable public services and a future for Britain's youth. That is why the younger generations are behind Jeremy Corbyn, as opposed to Theresa May who gets the vote from the pensioners (who she has just stabbed in the back).

Jeremy Corbyn showed his Party and the country that he is a skilled and able politician, came within an ace of being Prime Minister, and in the near future will continue to be supported by the younger vote. All he has to do now is to continue to show that his policies are financially viable and to show that there is an alternative to austerity, which has been tried and tested in Latin America, and in Europe, in Portugal.

In trying to make the election a choice between characters, Theresa May lost, because she comes across as an unlikeable personality, totally unsympathetic, nasty, snide and downright rude, quite apart from being shitfacedly arrogant.  In pursuing this path, she fell victim to the nicer qualities of Jeremy Corbyn as a person, who comes across as genuine, caring and interested in the public, not in his wallet.

Theresa May had said time and time again that if she lost six seats, she would lose the election. She lost 12. And so...

And so she enters the Brexit stakes weakened, still unaware of the fact that the Euro 27 are waiting for her, united and determined. If she cannot face the British public in debates, watch this space as she comes up against a united 27. Her party put Britain up for Brexit, playing around with party politics and gambling away the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of Britons. She has a hot potato in her hands. A more able cook would be able to handle it. A failed cook...will drop it on the floor and face the consequences. Kicking it under the cooker will not work, a lot more hot potatoes are about to appear meanwhile as journalists uncover the stories behind the sinister allegations.

2017 Results (2015 results)

Conservative 318 (330), Labor 261 (232), Liberal Democrats 12 (8), UKIP 0 (1), SNP 35 (56), Green 1 (1), DUP 10 (8), Sinn Fein 7 (4), Plaid Cymru 4 (3), Speaker 1 (1).

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