Western diplomacy and Syria: Stupidity, incompetence or evil?

Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear. Repeat the lie ad nauseam and they will perceive it as the truth. Use the MainStream Media and you will get away with murder. All tricks in the Western Book of Policymaking, post 1991 and here we are again, the Syrian terrorists in trouble and right on cue a chemical weapons attack to incriminate the Government.

First question, just who exactly do the USA and Poodle in Chief United Kingdom think they are by stating that the democratically elected President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, must go? What right do they have to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria? Were they invited by the Syrian government? What have they done in Syria except meddle, stir up trouble and use terrorist forces to further their aims in the region?

Second question, what is this insistence that Russia is always involved in hideous acts, as yet again we saw insinuations that Russian airstrikes were connected with the apparent chemical weapons attack on Tuesday morning in Idlib Province, in Kham Sheikhoun? There were no Russian airstrikes in the area at the time.

The UNO declared that the Syrian government does not have chemical weapons

Thirdly, why this continuing insistence that the Syrian Government forces are using chemical weapons on its own population, when the ones using such weapons are the western-backed terrorists every time they find themselves in trouble? The Syrian Government did not and does not use chemical weapons, neither does it have any.

OPCW, The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (a UN Mission) stated in a report in 2013 that Syria was in compliance with the UN program for the destruction of its chemical weapons and the same body stated in January 2016 that the latest process "completes destruction of all chemical weapons declared by the Syrian Arab Republic".

Why is it that the west never speaks out when its own anti-Government "moderate" terrorists commit "moderate" atrocities and "moderately" murder kids and adult civilians and instead insists on blaming President al-Assad, especially when they know very well that the Government has no such weapons and never used them anyway?

Fourthly, the western news outlets mentioned both a chlorine gas attack and a nerve agent, such as sarin. Well, which one is it? Is it Sarin, or Chlorine? We have seen pictures of people with what looks like shaving foam around the mouth, and reports of people collapsing in the street. We hear reports from Western outlets that the Syrian air force used chlorine gas. But the Syrian terrorist forces have used, made and stockpiled Sarin gas and the symptoms and casualty reports would point more towards Sarin than chlorine.

Fifthly, why this insistence to quote the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights, when it has scant presence on the ground in Syria, makes its statements from thousands of miles away and is an instrument of the British Government and anti-Government terrorist forces inside Syria?

Who benefits? The terrorists, only the terrorists

Sixthly, who is the only party to benefit from such an attack? The Syrian government? Hardly, it is winning. DAESH is being contained in the north and east while the western-backed terrorist forces are confined to north-western Syria and are being bussed out of the areas they are losing by the Syrian authorities. I repeat, bussed out, meaning the terrorists are defeated, surrender and are placed on buses, in many cases with their weapons, to continue fighting elsewhere. It does not make sense that the same forces who are showing such a degree of humanitarianism would then gas children.

The ones gaining from this are the terrorists themselves and as they have done before, they would have no qualms about launching a chemical strike on civilians, making sure that a high number of children were among the victims and then putting on a show for a willingly gullible Western media. The "rebels" are losing hook, line and sinker. They are being squeezed out of the areas they infest, their strongholds are being sterilized and swathes of territory are returning to normality.

On the eve of a conference. What, again?

And the impact? Why, an important international conference is due to be held in Brussels, on the future of Syria. So yet again on the eve of an important conference, the terrorists or their handlers create a terror incident with chemical weapons then blame those who do not have such weapons and would not gain any political, strategic, moral, morale or military advantage in so doing. Remember Ghouta in 2013?

Seventh, the more obvious clue as to what happened has been provided by Russia, yet again, in a report that Syrian jets blasted a terrorist warehouse in which chemical agents had been hoarded precisely by the terrorists to use against civilians so as to blame the government. These chemical weapons then escaped the warehouse in a cloud of gas, which was reported by eye witnesses. There is a difference between strafing civilians with nerve agents and destroyign a facility used by terrorists, in which case how was the government to know what the western-backed terrorists were hoarding there?

Mimi al-Laham, in info wars claims that the al-Qaeda-affiliated group funded by George Soros and the British Government, conducted this attack as a false flag operation. She quotes a statement on Gulf-based Orient TV the previous day by a source claining that "Tomorrow we are launching a media campaign to cover the airstrikes on Hama country side including the usage of chemical warfare against civilians." In her piece, she points out that last week al-Qaeda kidnapped 250 people from Hama. The videos for yesterday's attack show children foaming at the mouth and others with head injuries. Were these caused by Sarin, or Chlorine?

How does the West get it so monumentally wrong time and time and time and time again? Are they plain stupid, incompetent or just is it just sheer evil?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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