Soros - Doctor Evil

I unexpectedly came across a tweet by Svetlana Alexeivich, who is a freshly recognized winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. She is, in fact, a notorious figure known for her talents bashing Russia in her spiteful books! Politics prevailed as usual with the Nobel Prize as it has happened in the past.

Speaking of Boris Pasternak, his Doctor Zhivago was a masterpiece, unfortunately misunderstood by the Soviet critics at that time; they declined to publish it in the Soviet Union. Instead it was smuggled to the West. For that he suffered an estrangement from literary society. Since Pasternak's Nobel Prize became public, his membership was revoked. Most of his friends crossed to the other side of the street when they saw him, in order to avoid eye contact with a former, well-regarded colleague.

All this caused him a fatal heart attack. Now Boris Pasternak is hugely celebrated and loved in his finally reformed motherland. His name was posthumously rehabilitated since Russia went through its remorseful state and mentally had been reborn.

Alexeivich is Belorussian citizen with the venomous tongue of a snake ready to strike anyone close to Putin. Here is her actual tweet, which I copied and pasted.  Thanks to my knowledge of the Russian language, I have no problem reading and translating it for you.

"Глубоко уважаю Джорджа Сороса! Этот замечательный человек помогал талантливым детям уехать из совка, дал им путёвку в жизнь."

"I'm deeply grateful to George Soros! This phenomenal man helped the talented children to escape the Soviets and gave them chance to achieve their goals."

Warning: my translation was too generous! Her language is nothing more but Juvenal.  It's hard to believe this lousy wordsmith won a Nobel Prize!  She is a plain opportunist who capitalized on the hatred towards Russia for which she was magnanimously rewarded! Hatred and talent do not mix together. Her Nobel Prize for literature was a farce, equal to the farce of Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for continuing to advance Bush's illegal wars. 

Billionaire puppet-master

Can you imagine someone in her new status openly praising a criminal figure like George Soros, who cooperated with the Nazis during WWII?  He is a Hungarian-born billionaire puppet master who was behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement and messed up many foreign counties, helping to overthrow their governments. Behind every uprising there is Soros footprints. His last pet project was Ukraine.  Does he care for Ukrainians? Hell no! His interest lies in the separation of Kiev from Moscow, cutting all previous brotherly ties.

Oddly, the very next day after saving Alexeivich's tweet for a future rant, I was traveling abroad only to be seated next to a Belorussian former citizen who praised Soros even higher. I was told that Soros' Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) hunted for the most talented brains and was ready to pay for their education abroad and their lodging.  Soros paid for their entire scholarships in order to keep them in America and become ardent critics of the Russian Federation - especially Putin! Of course, he has a tax write-off for this and he cared less for the students.

For him it was a game and entertainment with benefits in mind. It didn't cost him a penny to create the 5th column but the idea to move talented Russian youth to America - was his primary agenda!

I recalled a somber Putin address to the nation in order to stop NGOs in his country. They were going from school to school snooping for their trophies, offering education and a comfortable life abroad for a small favor in return to trash the country that raised them.

Let's call my new fellow traveller Alex. After finishing his education in England using Soros funds, he was transplanted to New York, where he became an NYU Professor at the age of twenty-nine. I tried to probe him about the current situation in Belorussia and Russia, but as soon as he learned that I wasn't interested in criticizing his President Alexander Lukashenko or President Putin, he became maliciously one-sided.

Brainwashed is a soft description of him. He would die for Soros, thinking of him as his savior!

Ironically, as an ardent crusader of Soros, I was "rewarded" by meeting an actual human who interacted with him personally and benefited a great deal by receiving his payments! For him Soros was a superman, a hero who cared for young people in Slavic States!

What about Canada? Why does such an interest extend towards the Russians and their neighbors? Why was Soros willing to pay millions to steal them from their countries?

Besides being caught betting against airlines on 9/11, after which the industry went down, he shorted Euros to put them on their knees, made Greece and Spain poorer and aimed to destroy wealthy Germany. They survived!

Thinks he can improve the world

Soros is Doctor Evil! He thinks he can improve the world. Only 0.5% of his billions go towards the actual humanitarian funds he spread all over former Soviet States to lure away bright men from the Eastern Bloc and make the U.S. stronger.  So far he has succeeded, according to my fellow passenger next to me on the plane.  He was a "survivor" due to the Soros program, which selected him out of a lucky ten from 3000 applicants who passed the toughest test.

Knowing the number of damages this man has imposed upon the society, Soros must not be glamorized.  Forget the calculated misdeeds he had done strategically that now are worshiped by others!

Many don't know that Soros organized a biblical exodus of Muslims streaming out of Africa, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan, even Kosovo, which has nothing to do with the danger of surviving on their land! After bombing Serbia, they got their independence.  What else do they need?  The single guys with iPhones were aggressively trespassing across the EU border after boarding trains to the UK and Germany, elbowing their way ahead of families with children and the elderly.

On the New Year celebration the young, aggressive, sneering refugees assaulted and even raped European women but had no charges made against them!  Over eight hundred complaints were turned down.  The police took the Muslim side fearing to appear racist. Later I learned that three migrants raped a teenage girl in Berlin, but the German police put all the blame on the victim, despite seeing the bruises all over her face. Is this the end of the European Culture?  You will be the judge!

The assault on women was carefully planned through the social media and text messages as the simultaneous attacks occurred in several European countries, including Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and Finland.  Not only were they sexually abused, they kicked them in the face and all over their bodies yelling that they were guests of Merkel!

Soros is laughing all the way to the bank!

Refugees were one of his schemes to bring chaos to Europe and eventually destroy it, like what is happening right now in Ukraine.

Doctor Evil needs to be caged to kill the beast inside him.

James B. MacGuffin 

January 11, 2016


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey