Russia and China can deprive USA of its hegemony and exceptionalism

Russia and China prepare to de-exceptionalize American exceptionalism

At present, America is logged in major conflicts with both Russia and China. With Russia, the conflict is in Ukraine, and with China, it is in Taiwan. The outcome of these conflicts can fundamentally alter the balance of power in the world. American hegemony that started after the collapse of the Soviet Union can end now, and instead of the unipolar world that we have today we can have a multipolar world.

America wants to use Ukraine as a pawn to encircle, contain and isolate Russia and expand its influence in Europe. During the time of Trump, America's relations with Russia were relatively better. However, under the new administration relations with Russia took a nose dive. Now, Biden wants to revive America's relations with Europe at the expense of Russia.

  • America is particularly concerned about the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will take Russia's natural gas to Germany.
  • America feels that completion of this pipeline will make Europe too much energy dependent on Russia and will make Russia economically stronger.
  • Moreover, America wants to sell its own natural gas to Europe, even though it is much more expensive.

American President Joe Biden, called the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and tried to persuade him to cancel the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project in exchange for a part of Ukraine. It only proves that America is only using Ukraine as a pawn to advance its own interests. Putin refused to accept this proposal. The issues of Ukraine and the Nord Stream 2 are two different issues and there is no link between the two. They have to be resolved on their own merits.

America wants to make Ukraine a member of NATO. That will bring the NATO to the Russian border. Russia has to prevent this at any cost. The situation in Ukraine is similar to the situation in Georgia in 2008. Therefore, Russia has to take a similar action. However, there is a lot more at stake in Ukraine than there was in Georgia. Ukraine and NATO are provoking Russia. If Russia does not respond, then Russia will not only lose its prestige, it will also lose its security. Therefore, Russia has to react at a much larger scale than it did in Georgia in 2008. The way Russia reacts in Ukraine will determine the balance of power in Europe and the future of Europe and Russia's place in it.

If a military confrontation breaks out in Ukraine, then the destruction of Ukraine will be of a level that has never been seen in history. Russia has put all its military might there. America and NATO are not in a position to match that. Therefore, almost a complete destruction of Ukraine and a defeat for America and NATO look like a foregone solution. If America or NATO attack the Russian mainland, then unlike the two World Wars, America is risking a nuclear attack on its own territory. I feel that America is unwilling to take such a risk. America has put itself in a lose-lose situation.

If there is a military confrontation, then it cannot win that; and if it backs out, then it loses its prestige, credibility and its status as the only superpower of the world.

The situation in Taiwan is similar to the situation in Ukraine.

  • America has incited Taiwan to assert its independence from China.
  • China cannot let that happen at any cost.
  • America has provoked China for a military confrontation in the region.
  • America cannot match China's military strength in that region.

Therefore, a military defeat appears to be a foregone conclusion. If America withdraws, then it is risking a loss of prestige and credibility. If America attacks the Chinese mainland, then it runs the risk of a nuclear retaliation on its mainland. Therefore, it again looks like a lose-lose situation.

The worst scenario for America will be if the wars in Ukraine and Taiwan break out at the same time. America is not in a position to win a war with Russia or China. How will it fight two wars at the same time?

The best thing America can do for itself and the rest of the world is to accept the fact that it has lost the status of the only superpower of the world, and the unipolar world has already become a multipolar world where there is no room for American hegemony.

America has to learn to be a team player rather than a bully. America must accept that it is no longer exceptional and expect to be treated like everybody else.

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Author`s name Sawraj Singh
Editor Dmitry Sudakov