Turkish Fighter Aircraft: Making some sense

Predictably, Turkey has reacted to the destruction of one of its aircraft with stupidity and cowardice and predictably, the western leaders have jumped at the chance to up the stakes in an internal conflict in Syria which they are aiding and abetting by providing terrorists with weaponry. Through Turkey.

If anyone has acted responsibly since the start of this conflict, it is the Syrian authorities and conversely, if anyone has acted irresponsibly since the beginning, it is those who are openly Syria's enemies, namely NATO in general, which includes Turkey and as usual in particular, the FUKUS-Axis (France, UK and US).

How the Syrian Government has behaved

The Syrian opposition to the Government exists. It represents around 30 to at most 35% of the population, and is split into around 30 groups. Some of these groups are armed, carrying out terrorist insurrection attacks against the police and army that try to defend the population against this scourge, which perpetrates the same sort of outrages against human rights as we saw in NATO's terrorists in Libya (rape, sodomy, arson, murder, torture, looting).

The Syrian authorities have lost thousands of police and armed forces personnel in these terrorist attacks against a population which is 65 to 70% behind its President. When a Government is attacked by thousands of armed terrorists committing atrocities, it does not stand by with its arms folded. It acts. And this is what the Syrian Government has been doing.

Not only have the Syrian armed forces been sterilising infested areas of these elements, liquidating this terrorist scourge and protecting the citizens but also, it has launched a national reconciliation and forgiveness process in Tartous. This, despite continued attacks by the terrorist gangs funded and armed by the west, through Turkey allegedly by courtesy of the CIA, among others.

Just yesterday the authorities exterminated a number of this terrorist filth in Deir Ezzor and Homs, while in Hama a terrorist explosives factory was seized. Yesterday was also the scene of the funerals of sixty-eight police, army personnel and innocent civilians massacred by NATO's terrorists. Are we going to hear about this in western media? Of course not. So we see how credible their reporting is.

How the west has behaved

From the very beginning, the west has sought to destabilise Syria as a first step towards denying Russia its last Mediterranean base in the run-up to a full-scale war against Iran, and thereafter incursion into the Central Asian energy fields. Afghanistan was one part of the puzzle, Libya was strategically the easiest piece to place while at the same time any aspirations Africa had to controlling its resources were removed with Colonel Gaddafi.

Turkey has been aiding the terrorists, providing safe haven for what it calls Suriye Ulusal Geçiş Konseyi, or in English, the Syrian National Council, a motley collection of individuals from the fringes of Syrian society who once placed in Government, will ask How High? when told to jump. There are also widespread reports of Turkish incursions into Syrian territory and Turkey acting as a staging post for arming these groups of terrorists.

As usual, and as we saw in Libya, the west has been lying from the outset, ordering massacres from its terrorist friends in puerile attempts to discredit the Syrian Government. Does anyone remember the supposed massacre by shelling when all the victims were pro-Government Allouites with their hands tied behind their backs? No? Links (1)

What does Turkey expect?

So given this background, what does Turkey expect? After denying the aircraft was in Syrian airspace we have had, as usual from NATO, all kinds of conflicting stories (why are they such ineffective liars?) First Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu states that the rescue operation was being conducted with Syria because the aircraft was in Syrian territorial waters, as the Syrians have claimed all along, now the Turkish side states the aircraft was in international waters. The Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, has stated that the aircraft may have strayed into Syrian territory unintentionally due to the high speeds these aircraft reach.

Now they claim the aircraft was unarmed and was merely on a training mission to test the Turkish radar systems.

Are the Turkish President and Foreign Minister stupid, or what? What do they expect?  You allow your territory to be used to arm terrorists to destabilise a sovereign nation, send a Phantom F-4 military assault aircraft flying fast and low into that country's territorial waters (not to test Turkish radar but yes, to test the Syrian anti-aircraft system) and then when it is shot down, run crying to NATO because you got your nose smacked in?

Under international law, a country has the right to defend itself against aerial targets which violate its airspace. Period. The target was engaged 0.5 nautical miles from Syria's coast and was destroyed, crashing 5 nautical miles to sea. That is still seven nautical miles within Syrian territory.

It is to be hoped that any military adventures by Ankara will be met with the proper response from the Syrian side but then again, as we saw with the Turkish boats in the Gaza siege... a coward is a coward. Turkey started it, Syria responded and now Turkey goes running to NATO.

What was that Israel says when it slaughters civilians? Ah yes, I remember: They shouldn't have been there, should they? The question Turkey should be putting to NATO on Tuesday is, Should we be arming terrorists? Should we be using Turkish territory to send weapons to terrorists to slaughter civilians and should Turkish military aircraft be violating Syrian airspace even if, as the Turkish President said, they fly so fast. Rolleyes...






Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey