NATO's 50 terrorist strikes a day

NATO's 50 terrorist strikes a day. 44573.jpegOn Tuesday the British Foreign Secretary William Hague told the House of Commons "We are flying fifty missions per day". The sheer cold-blooded evil of NATO's leaders is by now apparent, as for them shards of glass flying through babies' lungs, shrapnel piercing the throats of three-year-olds and little girls and boys tortured to death by the sub-human filth they have sided with, the armed Islamist terrorists led by Al-Qaeda capo Hasidi, mean nothing.

Fifty missions per day. Fifty terrorist strikes per day. Depleted uranium released into the Libyan atmosphere leaving swathes of territory contaminated outside the theatre of war (illegal and in breach of the Geneva conventions), acts of criminal damage without any declaration of war (war crimes, who is going to pay for this? You do not go into someone else's country and bomb infrastructures, destroying government and private property then act as if nothing had happened. Someone will have to PAY for this) and acts of murder, including those of civilians and children. Those responsible will be brought before courts of law, tried and judged for their crimes.

It is by now patently obvious from the wealth of information available on the Internet (not diatribes or false accusations but photographic evidence and videos on and other sources) that the NATO campaign is based upon a false flag attack. It was not the Libyan Government forces that started it - it was the so-called "rebels" (see the photos) sorry! Unarmed civilians - I mean, look at them! - who massacred Government forces and migrant workers.

Among those massacred by these Islamist fanatics were children - hacked to bits with machetes. No wonder Colonel Gaddafi never trusted the "bearded fanatics" as he calls them, from Benghazi. Come to think of it, why does anyone else trust them? After all they are led by an Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, who was arrested for belonging to Al-Qaeda and who recruited young men from Benghazi to be suicide bombers in Iraq and to fight NATO in Afghanistan.

So why is NATO now lining up alongside these monsters and using formerly reputable news sources to spread lies incriminating Colonel Gaddafi who in March was due to receive a prize from the UNO precisely for his humanitarian record? We know why - he was doing too much to help the African Union, and in so doing was cheesing off too many western bankers and those with vested interest in the status quo. Enter AFRICOM, the US plan for the domination of Africa, which Gaddafi had refused to accept.NATO's 50 terrorist strikes a day. 44574.jpeg

The cyber war ongoing is closing down the evidence produced by those inside Libya fighting against this Islamist scourge and there are many links that close as soon as they are posted on the Internet. It is called Freedom of Expression (interesting how the USA complains when its systems are hacked, but what about the attack on Iran's Internet system?) However, some survive.

The footage of rebels cutting out the heart of a Libyan government soldier and burning it has suffered a cyber terrorist attack, as has the one of a Libyan civilian having his head cut off in the street. See the links below for extensive photographs of Libya's "unarmed civilians" and footage of horrific atrocities committed by the terrorists NATO is protecting.

More and more people stand up for Gaddafi

African Americans have launched an appeal to prevent the murder of Muammar al-Qathafi by NATO. Freedom Party Coordinator of Brooklyn, Omowale Clay, declared today in Brooklyn, New York, (where a rally was held): "As Freedom Party members and supporters, we know all too well the power of the media to make you think your friends are enemies and your enemies friends . Thus the media campaign to demonize Libya's leader, Colonel Muammar Qadaffi."

 "He has provided the resources so that Africa could have an independent satellite system. He has said 'No' to the establishment of a US military command (Africom) on the African continent," Clay said.

"The West is determined to regain control of Africa's oil and other vast natural resources. They are campaigning to RECOLONIZE Africa. Daily they are closing in on their clearly-stated goal of achieving regime change in Libya by assassinating its leader, Colonel Muammar Qadaffi."

"As conscious African people, we cannot stand idly by and let this happen. We need you and at least two other people you can bring to rally in front of the Harlem State Office Building, this Wednesday."

NATO's 50 terrorist strikes a day. 44575.jpegIn Nigeria, attacks are to be launched against agents representing the axis of evil committing acts of terrorism, murder and criminal damage in Libya. MEND - Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, has declared the western oil companies operating in the area from countries perpetrating the terrorist attacks in Libya and supporting the Benghazi-based Islamist terrorists as targets.

MEND spokesperson Jomo Gbomo was quoted by PANA agency saying that:

"The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger delta (MEND) observes with outrage the involvement of the ENI group of Italy in the attacks on the innocent citizens of Libya by Western nation's intent on plundering the mineral resources of that nation.

"The ENI group has actively participated in the theft of oil in the Niger Delta for decades, assisting the Nigerian military in its scorched earth and genocidal actions against the justice-seeking citizens of the Niger Delta. ENI and its subsidiaries are simply thieves and cheap opportunists.''

"Why have these Western nations ignored the bombing of villages and civilians in the Niger Delta by the Nigerian military? If they are so concerned about the removal of dictators in Africa why do they enjoy good relationships with dictators in Angola and Equatorial Guinea?

"'In solidarity with the oppressed people of Libya, we vow this day to henceforth pursue the complete destruction of all investment owned by ENI group in Nigeria and urge all around Africa to do likewise,'' MEND said.

MEND promises "a very violent storm" in the Niger Delta.NATO's 50 terrorist strikes a day. 44576.jpeg

As usual, to every action, there is a reaction. NATO's terrorist attacks in Libya, favouring one side in an internal conflict, was bound to create imbalances. It is not too late for NATO to allow the African Union to mediate and for the Libyan people to solve their own problems.
Today's cost: In addition to the 1.7 billion USD already spent by Britain in this murderous act of slaughter against forces which cannot defend themselves (utter cowardice from NATO's part) today (Wednesday) there were a further 66 terrorist strikes, totaling some 10,000,000 dollars. Sorry, Mrs. Brown, we cannot afford your anti-cancer therapy any more. We have to bomb children in Libya because we have to defend armed Islamist terrorists (sorry, unarmed civilians) against "Gaddafi".

And Mrs. Brown, enjoy the 200-pound hike in your energy bill in September.


NATO's 50 terrorist strikes a day. 44577.jpegPhotos: Unarmed civilians in Libya. Wow! They sure look like bearded Islamist fanatics to me. Are those feather dusters they are holding?


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