Fidel, the USA and Nuclear War

In his most recent “Reflections”, Fidel Castro Ruz spoke of the growing secrecy over-ruling Washington’s foreign policy, a secrecy which gives rise to the notion that a sinister cloud is looming over the horizon of international relations, while in the Middle East the stakes are raised almost daily and the prospect of a nuclear war sees its status raised from chatter to newspaper articles.

The wave of secrecy started with the methane bubble beneath the Ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico, it continued with the allegations of BP fixing studies by geologists in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, continued further with the Wikileaks saga…and we see a sickeningly constant modus operandi from the Administration in Washington and Israel’s Jewish Lobby silencing critics.

This silence is particularly sinister at a time of escalating tension in the Middle East, where Israel allegedly sits on between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads and where Iran is denied the right to a nuclear energy programme. If the IAEA investigated Israel…?

But this is not, directly, about Israel. It is about the Islamic Republic of Iran, against which the international community has intensified its attacks in recent months, due to Teheran’s decision to press ahead with its nuclear fuel programme. As Fidel Castro pointed out, China vehemently attacked the unilateral sanctions imposed by the European Union (the Union which pays its taxpayers’ money to Morocco, a State whose authorities perpetrate acts of torture, to fish in the territorial waters of Western Saharan which Morocco annexed) against IR Iran.

Tensions are high. Teheran has responded by offering to open a process of dialogue and President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad offered to sit down “face to face, man to man” in a debate with President Barack Obama when he visits New York for the UN General Assembly in September.

The only noises from Washington, are, predictably, bellicose: The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the USA, Michael Mullen, has declared that an attack plan to prevent the IR Iran from developing a nuclear weapon has been drawn up. So what about the allegations that Israel has nuclear warheads? Under international law, does Israel have a special status placing it above the other members of the international community? If so, why were we not informed of this? What do our elected representatives have to say about what would be an unethical foreign policy with two weights and measures?

Fidel Castro voices the concerns of the civilised world, one which belongs to the third millennium and the twenty-first century, not the 1950s: “I address the President of the United States, Barack Obama, for the first time: you should know that in your hands you have the opportunity to offer humanity the only real possibility of peace”.

With the return of the anniversary of the sickening act of terrorism against Japan , the slaughter of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and with the spectre of escalation looming in the event of a military conflict in the Middle East, humanity appears poised once again on the verge of the Apocalypse.

The silencing of critics and criticism by Israel, the stifling of news by the United States of America, are worrying tell-tale signs that secret agendas are at play. Yet the voice of humanity does, and must, speak louder. The laws of nature and the history book dictate that those ideologies which hijack fairness, right and reason are ultimately destroyed and in that, Mother Nature is totally implacable.

Humankind, being among Mother Nature’s children, has a collective responsibility to rise up against this wave of institutional fascism, sharing information and thereby rendering those who wish to control the free flow of ideas redundant. As they are.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey