Kosovo Decision Promotes Terrorism and Makes UN Resolutions Worthless

For the most part, a significant decision today by the UN court is going to go unnoticed in the west due to the lack of interest from the mainstream corporate media. It is just not in their interest for anyone to notice what has happened.

Allowing the Albanian mafia state to be created in the heart of Europe has already let loose a Pandora's box. This decision seals it once and for all. Now any secessionist group anywhere, anytime can use this precedent and will be encouraged...basically to commit acts of murder and terrorism to get what they want, just like these Albanian criminals did. However, constant war and instability is exactly what the empire wants.

While this decision is not an 'enforceable' court order, it has technically and effectively invalidated the concept of UN Resolutions, not that they meant anything before, thanks to the veto of the United States invalidating and silencing the voices of the rest of the world.

Kosovo, properly known as Kosovo and Metohija (Kosmet) is lawfully and legally a province of Serbia. This fact was recognized in UN Security Council Resolution 1244, adopted at the end of the 1999 war against Serbia. UN Resolution 1244 reaffirmed “the adhesion of all states’ members to the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federative Republic of Yugoslavia,” a country of which the current Republic of Serbia is the heir.

The Director of the Swiss Institute of Federalism Thomas Fleiner said when the EU was to send a mission to Kosovo, that the UN resolution on the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija gives no legal basis for their action and "constitutes a violation of Resolution 1244 article 10." Thomas Fleiner is a professor of constitutional law at the University of Freiburg.

It was ridiculous for Serbia to ask this kangaroo court, run totally by those who stole away their territory, to rule against themselves.

The Albanian conflict in Kosovo was always motivated by secession, making Kosovo a part of Albania. This was the Greater Albania nationalist ideology established by the 1878 League of Prizren because Albania itself was always poor, backward, weak and powerless. The Greater Albania nationalist ideology presupposed genocide: biological, cultural and religious. That Kosovo is now 90 percent Albanian is a testament to the successful genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Serbs.

The Albanians were clients of fascist Italy and Adolph Hitler. A greater Albania was also their dream. During the war, the Axis powers dismembered and occupied Yugoslavia. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini detached Kosovo from Serbia and annexed it to Albania in 1941. Germany formed a Shqiptar "Kosovar" Waffen SS Division, the 21st Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS "Skanderbeg" which engaged in a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Orthodox Serbian population of Kosovo.

The US, the EU and Britain gave support to these pro-fascist elements. At the same time, Albanians started to send their women into the Serbian region to breed more Albanians.

Giving Kosovo to the Albanians by making it an independent state is tantamount to approval of the fascist behavior of Albanians during the Second World War when they sided with Hitler, and it condones the incessant horrific acts of terrorism perpetrated by the KLA against fellow Albanians, Serbs and other non-Albanians. Kosovo, 100 years before Columbus set sail for the New World, was the embodiment of the belief that no man had a right to rule another.

So what is going on? Why is this land theft getting a seal of approval, a land theft gained by acts of terrorism while the world and especially the hypocritical, duplicitous U.S.A. claim to renounce terrorism and "fight" terrorism.

General Leonid Ivashov best summarised the situation months ago before today's decision, “The setting up of a gangster state based on the Kosovo enclave meets the interests of the world's oligarchate that is striving to consolidate the power of money and criminal organisations globally.” Yes, and this comes on the heels of revelations of how U.S. banks are getting away with small slaps on the wrist for laundering drug money.

Oddly enough, the UN was established to prevent such land grabs. However, today, the UN officially declares itself D.O.A., dead on arrival.



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Author`s name Lisa Karpova