Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Condoleeza Rice, what is wrong with you?

Are you hysterical or what? Having a difficult menopause? How many times do we have to tell you, Russia calls the shots these days. So keep your hysterical whining to yourself and stop reiterating the same thing time and time again. Russia will withdraw from Georgia when it sees fit.

And if it doesn’t see fit, it won’t. Russian troops will move around Georgia for as long as they like. As and when they like. As and when they choose. They will drive to the south if they please. They will push to the east and west if they choose to. And if they decide to go north, and then drive back south, so they will. And you will not be able to do a thing about it, will you? Except scream like a hysterical schoolgirl, the screams of someone who lost. And you are afraid of what? That Russia will discover how much your troops were involved in the act of butchery of 2.000 civilians in one night?

You see, your status as Secretary of State of the USA is fast becoming as pathetic as your status as National Security Advisor was back in the days of 9/11 when you failed to provide any security whatsoever for your people. Like, for a week now you have been saying the same thing, “Russia must withdraw, Russia must withdraw, Russia must withdraw”.

Have you any idea how hysterical the laughter in my office has been this last week? Russia has not withdrawn, see? Russia will withdraw when it decides the time is right.

As for your insolent insinuations as to the integrity of Russia’s President, you insolent, failed, arrogant, unpleasant, lying, incompetent, abrasive, man-hating female of the worst order, how about you take your insinuations and stick them where they hurt?

Russia responded to the massacre of 2.000 civilians by Georgian forces, backed by your advisors. Why have you not had the decency to mention that massacre even once?

And after Iraq, how do you expect to be taken seriously?

Do you honestly believe in yourself? You are a joke, an insult to the intelligence of humanity, an insult to the diplomatic community, and the worst sort of joker playing on the world stage at present. Perhaps you are the most hated US Secretary of State, the most ludicrous and ridiculous figure to have insulted international diplomacy and the most incompetent, insolent, useless waste of space ever to have occupied your office.

So once again, Russia calls the shots, you do not. Go commit more acts of terrorism in Afghanistan, go lie again about NATO expansion, go support your murderous acts of butchery, your Saakashvilis and Yuskchenkos, but please, do not expect us to take you seriously. Go give a medal to the great American heroine Lynndie England. Sterling job, what?

The author of this piece caught you out lying before you entered office some 8 years back. You haven’t changed, you never will.