Drunk bit off the finger of a woman who tried to save him

Railway tracksA woman tried to wake up the drunk who was sleeping on the railway tracks. The drunk apparently did not like being bothered. He bit the woman’s finger as she tried to shift him off the tracks, according to a spokesperson for the police.

The incident took place in the vicinity of a small railway station located in the Tambov region of central Russia. According to the police, two family couples were having a walk near the railway when they found two drunken men asleep on the tracks. The women tried to wake up the drunks but to no avail. Then they began pulling them away from the tracks. One of the drunks bit off a finger of the woman as she was dragging him away. The woman was taken to hospital and treated for the injury, according to the police.

The police arrived to the location shortly after the incident. The two drunks were taken into custody. The authorities are expected to start criminal proceedings against them.

A day earlier Moscow police reported about a man who raped a woman, then took a leap from the fifth floor and remained unscathed.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva