Drunken rapist survived after jumping from the fifth floor

Drunken RapistGod watches over drunks and small children. A 21-year-old Russian has recently become another living proof of the old saying. The guy, allegedly guilty of rape, took a leap from the fifth floor while running away from the police. He survived the jump unscathed. Then he stole a car and crashed it into another vehicle.

The incident took place in an apartment building in the western area of Moscow. A guy under the influence popped up at the stairwell as Tatyana, 21, a Moscow resident, and her female friend, were walking up the stairs one night. He put a knife to Tatyana’s neck and dragged her into the apartment. He told the other girl to enter the apartment too.

The scumbag raped Tatyana as her friend looked on. He took a few breaks for downing glasses of vodka. The rapist went delirious at one point and began slashing Tatyana’s breasts with his knife. Finally, he finished off the bottle and passed out. The girls fled the apartment and rushed to the police.

The cops spent some time persuading the rapist to open the door and surrender to the authorities. “I will cut you up and shoot you down if you break off the door,” shouted the drunken perpetrator. The door had to be removed by the rescue service personnel. Once the cops entered the apartment, the criminal opened the window and jumped out of it. A nearby tree saved his life. He apparently did not sustain any injuries.

The cops saw him running up to a BMW parked on corner. With knife in hand, he forced the driver out of the car. Then he stepped on the gas and the car zoomed away to the highway. The cops had to use a taxi to chase down the fugitive. It was a short pursuit. The perpetrator drove the BMW into another vehicle as the cops were pulling him over. He was swearing and asking for water all the way to the police station. Now he will be held responsible for committing several crimes.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva