Lethal outcome of dispute over Putin

The resident of village Kalda in Ulyanovsk region killed another villager because of his political beliefs.
At 5 pm on the election day the village administration reported the police the murder of a 23-year old man who had had good reputation in the village.

His body was found in the house where local drunkards liked to get together. The police detected that the young man voted at the election poll and then come to this house. He and the house owner had a drink for the elections, the Simbirsky Courier wrote.

While drinking vodka, the two men told each other for whom they voted at the presidential elections. Each of them voted for different politician. They started arguing, each of them tried to convince the opponent that his candidate was the best. After the second bottle of vodka was finished, the argument grew into fight. Finally, the host killed his guest.

After the villagers heard the news about the murder, they wanted to kill the murderer. The police had to hid the man from the crowd of his fellow-villagers to save his life. The investigation is in progress.

Source: NEWSru

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova