Author`s name Margarita Kicherova

Another Terrorist Act in Moscow?

FSB officer dies while dismantling an explosive
Another act of terrorism was prevented in Moscow, the 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street last night. But a FSB agent died while dismantling an explosive. A source in the Moscow central department for interior affairs reports, a woman attempted to enter the Imbir restaurant on 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 16, at about 11:00 p.m. yesterday. Her behavior seemed strange for the restaurant management. When the security asked the woman to demonstrate the contents of her handbag, she threw it aside and wanted to flee.

In about twenty minutes, the police had a call from the restaurant about a strange woman of Caucasus appearance attempting to enter the restaurant. Policemen arrived to the accident site and told the woman to show her documents. At that very moment she said there was an explosive in the bag and she threatened to activate it immediately. The woman was detained and handcuffed, her handbag taken out of the restaurant.
The police feared that an act of terrorism might happen near the restaurant and blocked the traffic along 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street. People living in the center of Moscow were warned that they must inform the police of any suspicious things they discover.
A special FSB team was called for to liquidate the explosive remaining in the woman's handbag. A special robot was engaged to liquidate the bag; the operation lasted for several hours. Then the explosive was fired with a hydro-gun, and a FSB officer decided to inspect the remains of the explosive. Suddenly the bomb detonated. 
The Moscow police public relations department reports that the explosion sounded at 2:15 a.m. Thursday. FSB officer Georgy Trofimov, 29, died of the explosion. It was the officer who dismantled the bomb belt of a suicide woman that didn't completely explode during the Saturday act of terrorism in Tushino, Moscow. The officer would have celebrated his 30th birthday on July 30.
The power of the explosive was over 2kg TNT, a well-informed source in Moscow's law enforcement structure informs. It is also said that if the explosive had detonated right inside of the restaurant, there would have been tens of victims. What is more, even if the FSB officer had had a protective suit on, he would have hardly survived in case if the explosive detonated.  

One of the versions voiced with reference to the police on Thursday says the FSB officer died because the explosive was activated with the help of a remote control unit.
According to provisional estimates, the explosive was made of plastid, the same stuff that was used in the explosive devices at the concert in Tushino. 
The female terrorist scheming an act of terrorism in the center of Moscow has been identified. She is a citizen of Chechnya born in 1980. It is supposed the woman might have been one of the three suicide bombers who organized the act of terrorism in Tushino. There is information saying the detained was probably under the influence of drugs. Now investigation of the incident has been started.
It is interesting that security of the restaurant says there was a man together with the woman before the incident. This fact is being investigated now.  
The investigation considers the incident a sequel to the series of terrorist acts recently committed in Moscow.  

According to the Interior Ministry, more acts of terrorism are supposed to be organized by suicide bombers in Moscow in the second ten days of July. It is reported, the information was obtained from sources in Northern Caucasus, the head of the Interior Ministry information department Yury Shuvalov says. He added that no addresses were specified at that where such crimes may be organized. 

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