Either Trump annihilates North Korea, or Kim burns US

The US considers a new strategy on North Korea. Washington has discussed a possible military scenario with its allies. Konstantin Asmolov, leading research fellow at the Centre for Korean Studies of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Science, told Pravda.Ru whether the regime may be changed with the help of military force.

The US may just think that it can try. In fact, the North Korean issue is very sensitive for the US today. First of all, because Obama's strategy 'wait and hope that the North will die because of sanctions' has failed.

On the contrary, the Northerners have pulled their socks up and made quite a serious spurt. Furthermore, it is clear that although almost everything was banned for North Korea, they have adapted somehow and have not gone west yet.

And it is evident, that nuclear-missile program will be developed further, until Kim Jong-un gets quite a significant nuclear-missile potential. After that, they won't be able to treat him like Iraq or Libya.

There is an unpleasant choice - either we start some harsh acts right now, but it's dangerous all the same, as North Korea is not Libya, expenses may be very high; or we wait and lose face, time and ability to strike without nuclear response from Kim.

On the other hand, North Korea has been demonized to such extent, that refusal from power politics will be regarded not as a concession, but as a real deal with devil.

China though will not join either invasion or revolution given growing opposition with the US.

And there's experience of Libya and Iraq where total chaos appeared instead of an authoritarian regime.


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