Weapons from Turkey seized in Al-Raqqa Syria

Prensa Latina

Syrian forces seized a cache of large weapons of various types from a smuggling operation, and arrested a group of individuals who tried to introduce them into this country from Turkey through the border area of ​​Tal Abyad, in the northern province of Al-Raqqa, media sources inform on Friday (09th).

The national media broadcast videos, photos and cited official sources who detailed that the arsenal seized included 105 rifles and 26 Magnum rifles, among other weapons.

As part of the search operations and the pursuit and elimination of armed groups, security forces faced one of those bands whose members hid in the area of ​​the Taibet al-Imam farms, a rural area of ​​the central province of Hama, reports news agency SANA.

The report, citing sources in the provincial police command, says that many people were victims of the terrorists and the police confiscated their weapons, some of which are manufactured in Israel, as well as pamphlets, advertising anti-government propaganda and documents stolen from state-owned institutions.

Meanwhile, in Idleb, army specialists dismantled four bombs ready to explode at the intersection of the road to the rural town of Trembeh. Four individuals who were planting the devices were arrested.

In the northwestern province bordering Turkey, an armed group attacked and plundered the grains center of Sinjar, near Maaret al-Numan, and stole large quantities of grain. The same group destroyed a farm dedicated to sow a reforestation project, reported the Department of Agriculture, Idleb.

Syrian television reports that gunmen shot an 11 year old boy dead on Thursday, identified as Mailk al-Aktaa, when they attacked his father's car just as they were going to their farm on the road to Tadmor.

Basam al-Aktaa, father of the child, told the television station that when they left their community, they were fired on in the Mreije alley. A shot hit the boy's chest and another his hand.

On Thursday night, the terrorists Ayman and Fahd Abdul-Kareem Erbinieh, confessed on Syrian television to crimes they committed in Erbin, including attacks against the church in a town in the Damascus countryside, Kweider religious school, as well as the kidnapping and murder of several civilians.

Syrian television has been presentng individuals captured by security forces who confess their crimes and reveal names and forms of operation of the armed groups.

Among these, on Wednesday night, they showed Yasser Fouzi al-Abd, leader of one of the groups in Aleppo, who explained his association with the Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Al-Abd detailed how this organization has articulated a network in this northwestern province with "hajjis" (chiefs) in the main towns and revealed names and how they were operating.

The presentation and the confessions of these individuals have been particularly assisted by the public who stopped in front of TVs in stores and food shops to listen to their remarks, noted Prensa Latina.

Days before the suicide bombings of 28 December 2011 in Damascus that caused dozens of dead and wounded, the Lebanese defense minister warned that members of al-Qaeda had infiltrated into Syria, and after the powerful attacks with car bombs, the Syrian Department of the Interior reported that the mode of operation was the mark of this network.

Another two terrorist attacks with the same execution mode dismayed the city of Aleppo on the 10th of February, also with a high number of 46 dead and 235 wounded, including children.



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