The U.S. Wants to Save the World From Terrorism, Who Will Save the World from the U.S.?

The U.S. Wants to Save the World From Terrorism, Who Will Save the World from the U.S.?

Izaías Almada is a writer and columnist for the NR

The arrogance and the false air of superiority with which the U.S. government behaves in the contemporary world, besides tiring, are becoming a danger to the survival of humanity. To my knowledge, except for the few countries whose governments maintain a totally submissive stance to the interests of Americans (and I refer to the heads of Colombia, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia and South Korea as the most significant examples), none of us mortals gave procuration to Washington to think and act on our behalf.

This "fight against terrorism," to "defend democracy" and the "war on drugs" already does not convince anyone. Who wants to cheat Uncle Sam? Fight against terrorism? But who armed the Taliban? Who created Osama Bin Laden? Who tortures innocents in Guantanamo Bay? Who supported the majority of the military coups in Latin America in the '50s, '60s and '70s and the recent coup in Honduras? Who supported Operation Condor and practiced terrorist attacks in the Southern Cone? Who financed terrorists like Posada Carriles, who lives in exile in the U.S.?

"Democracy"? But what kind of democracy are we talking about, pale face? That monster who pays salaries to executives for fraudulent statements and balance sheets to fool American society itself? That democracy whose banks launder drug money? That democracy that sends ten thousand soldiers for "humanitarian aid" to Haiti? That democracy that kills innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan? That democracy that supports the ignominy of Israel against the Palestinians?

"Do they fight drug trafficking? But what is, according to the UN itself, the country that consumes the most of the world's hard drugs such as opium and cocaine? Whose profits are already 400 billion dollars annually, dirty money, but legally laundered in some of the major banks of Uncle Sam? Does dirty money, which is already suspect, finance CIA operations "around the world"?

This particular item, the "fight against drug trafficking" brings up a few questions that they want to silence: what does the largest consumer of drugs in the world need? Drugs, of course, answers the counselor, Acacio. Where is the most opium produced? AFGHANISTAN. Which produces the most cocaine? COLOMBIA. Very good.

Let's investigate a little more. How do you get the opium to the United States of America in great quantity and security, if there is a war and invasion of Afghanistan and the country is under the control of the U.S. Armed Forces? How does cocaine leave Colombia in quantity and safety, if much of the territory is guarded by the Colombian army and seven U.S. military bases with the most sophisticated weaponry and surveillance systems in the world?

Contain these stories for others ... Up to when will the world be forced to coexist with this hypocrisy, with so many lies and so much trickery as if we were all idiots who do not know what we want? Or are we?

The drama is real for all, while poor American society is becoming increasingly ill, partly alienated by drugs, partly by brainwashing its citizens who suffer the media, and partly also by having to support almost full-time their young leaving for one war after another.

In the first half of 2010, 145 American soldiers committed suicide in Iraq and Afghanistan. And there were 1,713 who attempted suicide.

Who will save the world from the United States of America?


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya