Gaza: New conflict; old ways

There is no surfeit of cases in which civil volunteers- staunch citizens, have defied the laws of nature by defeating an outnumbered enemy. Having the old Spartan philosophy of never giving up, deeply ingrained in one’s mind cannot be regarded otherwise than admirable.

Nonetheless, on the basis of misguided theories, this over dedicated spirit may easily convert into fanaticism or at times, what is also known as “terrorism”. The underlying problem of major conflicts is that those paying its price are, by and large, not the ones responsible for its ignition.

In the middle of the dispute between Hamas on one side and Israel on the other, there are two numbers constantly augmenting: death toll and injuries. It is as often claimed that there is no democracy without some totalitarian means as that every war has its price. True, albeit it is to be applied only in case of defense; that is to say Israel versus Gaza and not the other way around- the latter having no watertight justification for their actions.

Despite small tensions that have spread in other countries between Jewish and Muslim communities, the situation at the border has long ago reached another dimension: constant attacks and bombing by a Palestinian political party. They have aims that remind us of the dark and unfortunate past of the Jewish people: the destruction of the State of Israel and its replacement with a Palestinian Islamic state in the area that is now Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

Being what we like to call the product of a 21st century society, diplomacy and resolutions to problems in international courts should make the law. And yet, they don’t. Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip is by far not an ideal way of coping with the situation; however violence is submitted to the laws of physics: every action has a reaction. Moreover, it is not the Palestinian people on whom they focus. Unfortunately, by the end, in all probability there will be some 1.000 innocent victims, if not more, as troops are still playing havoc in the region.

The big powers demand cease fire and general opinion is against any prolongation of the military operations, but it seems that Israel is trying to make a point once and for all. In the name of humanity, this point had better finished some days ago. Now would be the moment to sit at a table and spill the beans of a tensed relation that started over seven years ago.

Agreements are made with concessions from each part and with the willingness to turn the page. The situation is to be considered not “on the map”, but on the field. On the whole, it must be kept in mind that it doesn’t come down to screening the effects, but to treating the cause.

The pervasiveness of such conflicts is an uncomplimentary image of our international relations and above all, of the atrocities that are by no means singular events. They show the power of a country to act when need be and are fine examples of nationalism and devotion, with nothing else counting.

Denisa Ene

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov