Gold and silver have absolutely stunning effect upon human organism

The traditional and alternative medicine state that people's health depends upon the amount of metal items they wear

Chains or bracelets worn on wrists perform the role of a closed circuit and have a particular effect on the human organism, the same way it happens when people wear wedding rings. Wedding rings have an effect upon the nerves of the third finger. jewelry

People suffering from raise and drops of mood or having regular nervous disorders should remember that metal jewellery may even aggravate the problems. Specialists recommend such peopel not wear too much chains or bracelets on such bad days.

The general characteristic of metals used for making chains or bracelets, usually gold or silver, is their ability to destroy structures. At that, metals can destroy negative information structures of people which is very good indeed.

Every good acupuncture specialist has two sets of acupuncture needles made of gold and silver. When acupuncture is done with gold needles it gives anti-inflammatory action upon organs connected with points on the body. Acupuncture with silver needles relieves or localizes inflammation of organs. In case some organ is weak to function normally, an acupuncture doctor will offer performing acupuncture with a gold needle to stimulate the energy flow.

The wonderful qualities of gold explain why many years ago people chose this metal for making wedding rings. Gold stimulates the energy flow delivering energy to the urogenital system. And thanks to the anti-inflammatory action of silver people began to make dishes, spoons and forks of silver to be less open to infections.

Doctors tell that sometimes women cannot become pregnant and have some gynecological problems even though they are absolutely healthy. At that, they wear many rings on fingers. When doctors recommend such patients to take rings off and do not wear them for some period, patients feel offended and do not believe the advice may help solve their problems. But later it turns out that women get rid of their gynecological problems or become pregnant if they decide to follow the recommendation.

In general, experts recommend wearing jewellery made of gold if you have collapse or slackness. And silver jewellery will do better for those who are short of temper and nervy.

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Author`s name Olga Savka