Lords of the Rings

Jewelry companies produce a wide range of rings for men

It is generally believed that men go to jewelry shops to please their women. However, things are changing at present - the modern jewelry industry produces a wide variety of men's jewelry, so men can go to jewelry shops to please themselves too.

A big ring with a big diamond is not an indication of manhood anymore. Men's rings have become more elegant, they are strict, but not plain. Rock music fans wear scorpion, eagle, skull shaped rings. A young man can always find something made of silver, without any jewels. There are a lot of animal shaped rings, as well as the rings that depict the image of marijuana, and so on and so forth. Such things are not meant for grown-ups, of course, and they are rather cheap. Some rock rings can cover a whole finger, for example a ring in the shape of an eagle on a sword. In Russian jewelry shops, one may find copies of Nazi rings, as worn by senior Nazi military men. Shop assistants say that such rings are made in Moscow and then delivered to regions. It is not really clear, what kind of people buy Nazi rings, but if they are produced, it means they are in demand.

At times, men's rings can look really disgusting - for example, a silver-mounted human eye. The eye is not real, of course, it is a stone colored like an eye. Wealthy men wear rings with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires. Shop assistants say, there is no specific fashion among men's seal-rings - everyone is free to choose a ring to his liking. A ring decorated with sapphires and diamonds costs about $2,000. If a man does not like gold, he can choose a ring made of white gold, which looks like silver, but costs like gold. A plain pattern ring without jewels costs up to $400. Agate looks very good on gold: a black gold-mounted jewel looks very exquisitely and nobly. The jewelry industry also offers very expensive rings for men, the price of which reaches $7,000. Such rings are decorated with emeralds and diamonds, which is very expensive and a little bit tasteless.

Anatoly Filatov

Author`s name Olga Savka