How to drink without getting drunk (advise secret services)

Those who need to gain some knowledge about the best way to avoid hangovers should remember the following important rule:
In case you crave a drink, do not consume alcoholic beverages. Better have a glass of mineral water.

After alcohol gets in your blood stream, it causes the so-called “euphoric effect”. Afterwards however, such pleasant effect vanishes and under the influence of certain ferments alcohol turns into a strong poison-acetaldehyde. Then, under the influence of other ferments, acetaldehyde gets transformed into harmless, even healthy acetate.

However, the so-called “Asian gene” which scientists detected in more than two thirds of all Russians programs exceptionally high activity of the first group of ferments. What this means is that a person with this gene tends to get drunk ten times faster than a regular individual. As a result, the poison is being produced in one’s blood stream ten times faster, thus resulting in terrible hangovers and possible future cirrhosis.

-You should consume a drink entitled “oyster”: pour a bit of vegetable oil in a glass, add 1 egg yolk, add two table spoons of tomato juice, one tea spoon of cognac, add salt, pepper and drink it at one gulp.

-If you have time, you should consider having sex. According to latest studies, in half of male species of the planet hangovers are usually associated with magnificent erections. In addition, sex elevates one’s spirit and clears one’s head.

Foreign ways to deal with hangovers

-In China and Greece people drink raw eggs and plain butter before the feast.
-In Puerto-Rico people rub their armpits with lemons.
-In Haiti there is a belief that if one sticks 13 pins with black heads in a bottle cork, then that alcoholic beverage will not cause hangover.
-American Wise men recommend drinking one cup of honey in the morning in order to clear the head after hangover.
-In Finland, people use dry sauna to cure hangovers.
-In Poland, they recommend to consume a couple of glasses of kefir.

Russian ways to treat hangovers

-Drink a hot bullion or soup. Afterwards, it is recommended to take a hot shower and sleep for at least half an hour.
-Take two Aspirins with two glasses of water. Afterwards, drink a cup of strong black coffee; eat a slice of lemon with a thin slice of toast. Then take a bath.
-It is also recommended to drink liquid from pickles or sauerkraut. The liquid will restore salt and electrolyte deficiency in your body.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova