USA unwilling to regulate North Korean nuclear problem

It was the US administration, which made North Korea look like a nuclear scarecrow for the whole world

The fifth stage of six-sided negotiations devoted to the nuclear program of North Korea started in Beijing, China, on Wednesday. The Russian administration hopes that the talks will finally end with a compromise. In addition, Russia evinces interest in contracts for the construction of peaceful light water nuclear reactors in North Korea. Pyongyang strives for the right to have such reactors too, but the idea comes into strong confrontation with Washington. North Korean army

US officials released a series of anti-N.Korean statements prior to the start of the consultations (the talks will last for three days). The USA is seemingly trying to use all possible methods to affect Pyongyang. American official have recently accused North Korea of the massive production of counterfeit dollars. George W. Bush in his turn has called the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il a “tyrant.”

High-ranking officials from North and South Koreas, as well as Japan, China, Russia and the USA gathered for another stage of N.Korean nuclear talks in Beijing. Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Alekseyev, chairs the Russian delegation. The North Korean administration says that the country is ready to give up its nuclear programs, although the international community will have to provide N.Korea with a light water nuclear reactor instead. The technical essence of this question is quite complicated, taking into consideration the fact that the N.Korean administration does not give credence to promises they hear from foreign officials. “We have seen it through our historic experience that eloquent words from American officials often contradicted to their practical actions on many occasions. That is why we have to take account of this sad experience of ours,” a N.Korean diplomat said before the start of the talks.

The USA's opposition to North Korea is not a surprising political phenomenon. It was the US administration, which made North Korea look like a nuclear scarecrow for the whole world. To all appearance, Washington does not want to see any positive progress in the situation with Pyongyang's nuclear program. It is clear that Russia will immediately start building a light water nuclear reactor – this is what Russia is already doing in another “center of global evil” according to the USA's interpretation – Iran. Alexander Rumyantsev, the head of the Russian Ministry for Atomic power, has recently announced Russia's readiness to participate in the construction of such a reactor in N.Korea in the event the country retrieves the framework of the Non-proliferation Treaty.

US President was rather outspoken in his statements about North Korea, the basic point of which was to maintain the myth about the nuclear threat from this Asian country. George W. Bush called the N.Korean leader a “tyrant” during a meeting with Brazilian leader Sunday.

It goes without saying that such a reference made the North Korean Ministry for Foreign Affairs release an official statement in return shortly before the start of the talks in Beijing. Spokespeople for the N.Korean administration particularly said that George Bush ruined the spirit of the joint statement, which had been previously approved during the six-sided talks (the statement urged the members of the talks to respect sovereignty and coexist peacefully).

One shall presume that Pyongyang has another reason not to trust the USA. A spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Department of North Korea stated that the country would never forgive anyone, who defames its leaders.

In addition to verbal attacks against the N.Korean leadership, the USA accused the country of producing counterfeit dollars. US Treasury Under Secretary Stuart Levey said during his visit to Beijing that the “laundered” counterfeit Korean dollars were used for N.Korean defense programs. US special services have recently detained a group of people on the allegation of financial fraud connected with N.Korean-made dollars. One shall assume that it is about time the USA should raise the issue of weapons of mass destruction in North Korea. 

North Korea needs guarantees: in addition to the light water nuclear reactor, Pyongyang requires economic assistance and the establishment of diplomatic ties with the USA. On the other hand, the N.Korean administration does not hope to achieve considerable accomplishments at the fifth stage of negotiations: the USA's pressure is too strong. A certain progress can be possible if the US part in the talks agrees to compromise.  

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Author`s name Olga Savka