USA neglects al-Qaeda’s political power, prefers to follow hilarious propaganda

The US Department of State has recently published a report about terrorist activities over the recent 12 month (the report is published annually at the end of April). The publication may serve a very good source of information on terrorism. In addition, it is a perfect material to analyze the US train of thought as far as foreign politics is concerned. The US administration uses the report for propaganda purposes overseas. The latest report from the US Department of State is a combination of reasonable pieces of advice and eloquent slogans, which Washington does not always follow itself.

The analysis starts with the proud description of US-led actions to combat terrorism. As usual, the document says that the USA has struck several severe blows on international terrorist bases, causing serious damage to terrorists from which they cannot recover still. There is a certain amount of truth in such statements, of course. US experts point out the directions, in which the USA has been able to succeed in the field of anti-terrorist struggle. First and foremost, it goes about the increase of security of transportation and infrastructure subjects. Furthermore, military structures have become more attentive to the question of funding terrorist activities all over the world.

As a result, the report says, the global terrorist activities have been changing recently from expedition to insurgent operations. In other words, terrorists of different nationalities could undergo special training far away from their native lands and then travel to other countries to conduct terrorist acts there. This strategy was used during the preparation of September 11 attacks in the United States. Nowadays, insurgents prepare their attacks in the countries which they intend to attack. It can be explained with meticulous efforts taken by special services all over the world to control transport flows. That is why immigrants of the first or the second wave become potentially dangerous. US experts believe that special services should pay more attention to financial channels and other resources of those groups.

The authors of the report expand on the subject and come to conclusion that the nightmare predicted in the second half of the 1990s has come true to fact. Specialists warned back then about a possibility of a global terrorist organization based on the network principle (al-Qaeda), which would make it successful and invincible.

US specialists put forward a similar idea to defeat al-Qaeda: to create a counter-network of governmental anti-terrorist programs, cooperation and civil initiatives. The idea will inevitably face with several significant difficulties, which US diplomats prefer to hush up.

The authors of the above-mentioned report wrote that the roots of terrorism can be found in politics. However, US officials definitely do not say that the West should make serious changes in its foreign policies towards the Islamic world to exterminate the evil phenomenon of terrorism. Instead, they say that the governments of the world should unite and take joint efforts to struggle against terrorism. It is worthy of note that the US administration has its own definition of such cooperation: other countries are supposed to follow its instructions and orders.

Many independent experts who do not work for Washington say that al-Qaeda has been recovering lately as a political force, which means that one should take political measures to struggle against it. The USA believes, though, that it should follow propaganda slogans like the one saying that Cuba and North Korea sponsor international terrorism.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov