Russia evacuates Ukrainians from Afghanistan as if Kiev is unable to do it

Zelensky calls Russians 'occupiers', Putin orders to evacuate Ukrainians from Afghanistan

The evacuation of Ukrainian nationals from Afghanistan by aircrafts of the Russian Defense Ministry raises many questions. It just so happens that Russia is evacuating the people, who may join punitive detachments to go to war in the Donbass upon their return.

Why did Putin order to evacuate Ukrainians from Afghanistan? 

Representatives of the russian Defence Ministry said that Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, on behalf of Vladimir Putin, arranged the evacuation of more than 500 Russian citizens, citizens of other CSTO member countries, as well as Ukrainian nationals from Afghanistan. All of them will be evacuated on board four military transport aircraft. They will arrive in Afghanistan with military medics on board and deliver supplies of water, food and blankets, the report from the ministry said.

Many in Russia may wonder why Russia wants to help its enemy, and why doesn't Kiev handle the problem instead. Moreover, Ukrainian transport planes bring the Hazaras to Iran. Maybe it is about time for Russia to act according to reality and cast glorious stories about brotherhood aside?

This story has another side of the coin, though. With this policy, Russia will win more loyal voters in Ukraine despite all the anti-Russian propaganda. There are many Russians living in Ukraine, and they all hear and see everything. Suffice it to recall the city of Genichesk, which was warmed by Russian natural gas in a state of emergency.

When Vladimir Zelensky speaks about "occupation" on Ukraine's Independence Day, and Putin orders to evacuate Ukrainian citizens the next day, including, perhaps, PMC fighters, who fought in Afghanistan, what conclusion will Ukrainian Russians come to? 

In Ukraine, those people will be accused of betrayal, but they may also explode with Russophobia - that is how they are going to thank Russia for help. Afterwards, they may decide to wage war on their country-fellows in the Donbass. This is how the propaganda machine works in today's Ukraine.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov