USA wants the world to raise Iraq from ruins

The US-led actions in Iraq have resulted in the complete bankruptcy of the country, which is further aggravated with never-ending civil war. One may say that the US administration has achieved its prime goal in that country. Now it is turn for other countries to raise the destroyed economy of Iraq, whereas the USA will deal with the fate of the Iraqi oil. Democrats have sided with George W. Bush at this point despite their ostentatious moves in the congress. Nevertheless, the USA obviously wants everything to be held in a civilized form. That is why the US administration organized the international conference for Iraq in Egypt.

The talks about the future of Iraq, which opened Thursday in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt, can be described as a unique event both from the point of view of its members and agenda. The UN Secretary General, foreign ministers of constant UN members and of the Group of Eight, secretaries of the League of Arab States and of the Islamic Conference Organization have arrived in Egypt for the summit along with ministers for foreign affairs of Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, etc.

The World Bank, the IMF, the Islamic Bank of Development, Arab currency funds, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and some other international financial institutes have sent their delegates to Sharm-el-Sheikh too. About 80 delegations have arrived in total.

One may say that the whole world expresses its concerns about the future of Iraq. However, the unusual situation with the international summit in Egypt casts doubts upon the possibility of making constructive decisions about the war-ton country.

As a rule, such large-scale negotiations about the fate of one single country are held when the country has been defeated, and the winners share the trophies. There can be other occurrences, when the international community puts an end to aggression and gathers for talks to evaluate the damage and discuss further steps to help a country at aggressor’s expense.

The current forum in Egypt is a paradox. The aggressor, the USA that is, seeks help from the international community. The Iraqi government does not want the occupant troops to leave, but the civil war gathers pace, and there is no solution to the problem.

The US-led campaign in Iraq is a catastrophe. Nevertheless, the US administration would like to justify its beginning saying that civilized countries usually base their decisions on the point of view of the international community.

It stands the reason nowadays that the occupation of Iraq should be referred to as an international crime and tragedy. However, the United States try to get the world’s leading countries involved in the peacemaking process to raise Iraq from ruins at their own expense.

The international 100-billion-dollar agreement to retrieve the Iraqi economy could be a very good addition to the US budget. If there is a need to destroy something, the USA is ready to go for it. If there is a need to recreate something, the USA is out laying this responsibility on the international community.

The most important issue on the agenda of the Egyptian summit is connected with the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Consequently, the talks are to proceed to question of dividing the Iraqi oil reserves. The participation of the World Bank in the summit can prove this supposition. If the WB interferes into international issues, debtors usually have to face extremely complicated financial problems afterwards. One shall assume that the US-led military aggression in Iraq will be replaced with the WB-led financial aggression.

The conference in Iraq shows that the world is sick and tired of the USA’s uncertainty. Each and every country expects the United States of America to act predictably. Furthermore, the international community needs to know if international organizations play an important role in the solution of regional and global problems. The instability in the Middle East causes serious damage to economically developed countries of the world first and foremost.

On the other hand, no one knows how to combine the presence of the occupation troops with large investments in Iraq. The recent unanimous passing of the law banning oil cartels shows that none of US political forces is willing to lose the energy control. They could impeach President Bush but they would never give up on the Iraqi oil. Furthermore, Bush’s veto on the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and his wish to increase the military presence in the country means that the international summit for Iraq in Egypt is not necessary at all.

Vladimir Anokhin

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov