Nicaragua's President could be judged on election fraud

The political crisis in the Central American nation worsens as the National Assembly decided to remove six high ranking officials

The political crisis in Nicaragua has strengthened this week as the National Assembly controlled by former President Daniel Ortega's Sandinist Party decided to remove six high ranking officials accused on election fraud. The legislature also made known that even conservative President Enrique Bolanos could lose his immunity and be judged on similar charges as the scandal grows bigger.

National Assembly Board Secretary Maria Auxiliadora Aleman, said that President's situation depends now on the National Assembly's decision and reported the violations committed by the governmental officials, although non of them is currently in the country. They fled to Washington to take the case to the Inter American Court of Human Rights in an attempt to internationalize the crisis.

US diplomats made known that they were carefully following the events in Nicaragua and that they could even fuel a declaration of support to their Managua's ally in the Organization of American States (OAS). However, the initiative would meet the opposition of many Latin American nations, which prefer to provide with an institutional support to the “respect of Nicaragua,s Constitution,” as reads a recent document released by the Group of Rio, currently presided by Argentina.

In the meantime, President Bolanos stated he would never accept being similarly accused because such charges are part of the political conspiracy of Liberals and Sandinistas as a pretext for a coup d'etat. Nicaraguan president refused negotiations with the opposition. He announced to be able for talks only under the requirements established by OEA.

Washington believes that Ortega's Sandinists have close ties with Communist Cuba, as they had after the Sandinist revolution of 1979. However, the US State Department is more concerned on the influence of Venezuela Chavez' Bolivarian Revolution, which has been systematically denied by Caracas.

According to Washington point of view, Mr. Ortega's goal is to force Mr. Bolanos to accept his constitutional rewrite, which transfers almost all presidential powers to Congress. That would effectively deliver Nicaragua to Sandinista control without the elections. Next presidential race will take place next year and the Sandinists are well positioned on it.

Photo: The President of Nicaragua, Enrique Bolanos

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Author`s name Olga Savka