Europe and Russia infuriated with lessons of democracy from USA

White House emissaries will soon be entrusted with a special job to make the governments of foreign countries accountable to the USA in terms of democracy standards propagandized by the USA. This is the essence of the new strategic foreign policy plan of the US administration. The US Embassy in Moscow has already started making preparations to this work.

This plan will most likely cause an outburst of indignation worldwide, as it previously happened with the report of the US State Department about the support of human rights and democracy. Judging upon the document, Russia may not hope for any good news from the USA during the forthcoming five years. The United States intend to teach and supervise Russia making it fit the US standards of democracy.

The new strategic plan of the White House stipulates how exactly the US administration is going to cooperate with Moscow. The list particularly includes anti-terrorist activities and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The USA has committed too many follies in those areas, whereas Russia’s reputation and experience in the fields can make a positive contribution to the USA’s image in the Middle East.

There are certain areas, where the Bush’s administration accepts no form of cooperation with Russia. They include democracy, freedom of speech and the state control in the national economy.

English writer George Orwell used the notion of the “Ministry of Truth” in his novel 1984. Bush makes up new terms for his own departments and introduces such positions as democracy director or democracy orderly. These “messengers” will get their seats everywhere – NATO, the UN, the OSCE, the EU, the Organization of American States, the African Council and many other regional and international organizations.

USA’s current policies bear a striking resemblance to the era of the 1970s in the USSR, when quite a number of Soviet higher schools were producing “engineers of socialist competition.”

Comparing the funds assigned for Albania, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia and Ukraine for their NATO membership ($12 billion for five countries in 2008) and the budgets provided for democratic research activities ($110 million: $50 million in 2008 and $60 million in 2009), one may come to conclusion that the USA values abstract democracy much better than its allies.

The official website of the US Embassy in Russia says that the USA promotes human rights for the sake of its national interests. In this case, the message says, the US administration intends to make governments of other states account for their obligations related to the observation of human rights. If it becomes a reality, the Russian government will have to change its work schedule and find time to prepare special reports for the US Ambassador to Russia.

George W. Bush will leaver the White House in two years, but US officials will continue implementing his five-year plan anyway, taking into consideration biography peculiarities of US presidential candidates.

Russia has not released any official statement to respond to yet another action of ignorance from the USA. Europe did it first. The Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Rene van der Linden, said Monday that the USA had no right to teach lessons to any European countries, especially Russia in the field of human rights and democracy. “We do not need USA’s lesson at this point,” he said.
Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov