Book of Osama speeches published in Paris

Publication of Al-Qaida in Texts has given rise to most heated discussions immediately
Famous French orientalist  Gilles Kepel, the author of Al-Qaida in Texts, the book published by Presses Universitaires de France, thinks the publication will help better understand the essence of present-day international terrorism and find more effective instruments to fight it.

Osama bin Laden usually makes scripts of every of his TV appearance connected with terrorist acts that occur in various parts of the planet. Gilles Kepel, the head of the Middle East department in the Paris Institute for Political Studies, has compiled these texts in his book.

Publication of Al-Qaida in Texts has given rise to most heated discussions immediately. Spokesperson for Presses Universitaires de France Dominique Reymond says the publication is not dangerous or provoking at all. On the contrary, the book informs us of what exactly al-Qaida people want. Gilles Kepel is also sure that the book will not provoke anyone to commit terrorist acts. He says these texts show the world where Americans, Jews and Europeans are equally abused, where each of us is infidel and thus must be liquidated. And this is a direct apologia explaining while terrorists kill those whom they believe to be infidel.

The texts of Osama's speeches are neither thoughtful nor stylistically nice. For instance, Osama spoke in a rather primitive way about the September 11 terrorist blasts in New York and Washington. Gilles Kepel says main goal of the book was to understand how the ideology so primitively explained has managed to win so many followers worldwide. The researcher thinks that al-Qaida ideologists have employed methods of clip thinking so typical of contemporary people in the West for their terrorist propaganda.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva