Kosovo: The shocking hand of UN imperialism

UN Special Envoy for Kosovo ignores centuries of history, disregards deep-rooted nationality issues and insults the psyche of the Serb Nation by declaring that the only solution for Kosovo is independence. After years of drawing lines on maps, the international community goes back to imperialist practices, this time rubber-stamped by the United Nations Organization.

Now that Ban Ki-Moon has accepted the report drawn up by the UN Special Envoy for Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari, in which he unilaterally imposes the Final Solution for this Serbian Province - full independence – the writing seems on the wall. For the international community, little does the Battle of Kosovo Polye mean – this, the rallying cry which formed first the heart, and later the hearth, of the Serbian nation.

One hopes that Martti Ahtisaari never once complained about Finland’s historical relations with its neighbours, Sweden and Russia. One hopes that those who support his Final Solution would also not disapprove of parts of their countries being carved off and integrated in their neighbours’ territory.

Practically every European nation has or had a frontier dispute which wars were fought over, and due to the same type of imperialistic, intrusive and meddlesome practices, most African nations continue to have the same disputes today. The result of this was an appeal by the UNO itself to respect the frontiers which history and time had drawn up.

It was the UNO which called on its members to accept the international frontiers which this organization presents as inviolable. Where, then, is the logic in carving Kosovo out of Serbia and giving it to ethnic Albanians, when many only went there in the first place because of its higher standard of living – not because it was Albanian, but precisely because it was Serbian.

What right has the international community to dismember the Serbian nation in this way, after the outrage committed against the forces of Slobodan Milosevic (before he was illegally kidnapped and imprisoned), when all he was trying to do was keep terrorists (UCK) out of his country?

How wonderful for the people of Kosovo that they are to have ludicrous characters like Big Bird and the Cookie Monster walking their streets. Cultural imperialism following military adventurism, criminal and murderous colonialism following the most blatant example of foreign intrusion into a region where the international community was never asked to come.

Kosovo is, was, has always been and shall always be, the heart of the Serbian nation. When will the international community learn its history lesson, stop drawing lines on maps and messing up people’s lives?



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey