Mexico concerned on illegal weapons coming from the US

US heavy weaponry have been found in hands of Mexican drug smugglers

Shortly after Washington tried to frustrate a conventional sale of Russian weapons to Venezuela saying that some of the registerd 100,000 AK-47 rifles could fall in the hands of Colombian rebels, it became known that Mexican authorities have confiscated heavy weapons and explosives originating the United States from several dangerous  drug dealers.

The story was first reported in El Universal newspaper and was later confirmed by authorities and specialists. According to the Mexican daily, Illegal arms pouring into Mexico from the United States are fueling the spike in violence and murder south of the border.

"It's logical that illegal arms enter from the United States because the United States is an enormous market for guns," Jorge Chabat, a security specialist with the Center for Economic Teaching and Research, told El Universal. "It is easy to get the guns there and it is very easy to cross the border with them."

The weponry has been confiscated from drug dealers and all sort of criminals. The Mexican police found heavy weapons, explosives and even rocket-propelled grenades and launchers.

Mexico's National Defense Secretariat has reportedly identified a number of U.S. cities along the Mexican border from which illegal arms are smuggled. There, President Vicente Fox had to send federal troops for a brief period to reinstate order and stop the spike in violence.

On the photo: “Narcos” terrify Mexico with US weapons

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Author`s name Olga Savka