NATO nurtures Latvian fascists

Latvian big noses have gone too far in their game of independence where they do anything they like

Fascism has been spreading in Latvia for a long time, causing anger of more or less sensible citizens. Human rights activists of Latvia made one more attempt to fight against the revival of Hitlerism, which includes praising “national partisans.”

The opposition union For Human Rights in United Latvia is greatly outraged by authorities fawning on these so-called heroes. The latest trick of the Ministry of Defense is considered especially insulting by them. On July 30 brigadier general Vectirans presented prestigious awards on behalf of the Minister of Defense to followers of Hitlerism. These were medals For Promoting Latvia's Membership in NATO. Honorable awards from the high official were not the end. Latvia's military department invested 7,5 thousand lats (which is about 11 thousand euro) into local fascists' promotional campaign. They were also given a luxurious bus. Looks like meetings and trips of Fuhrer's successors will be encouraging to spread Hitler's legacy. 

Human right advocates decided to use their last chance by appealing to NATO Secretary General Scheffer. Probably he will be capable of stopping the Brownshirts's zealousness in one of NATO's smallest albeit most unscrupulous members.   

The statement signed by the leaders of the above-mentioned opposition union Tatiana Zhdanok and Yakov Pliner says: “We strongly protest against sponsoring pro-Nazi minded revenge-seekers. We would like to discuss the problem of neo-Nazism state-support with your colleagues, Latvian politics.”

Telling about pro-Nazi attitudes of authorities, including the Ministry for Defense, members of the union For Human rights in United Latvia reminded the NATO leader that fascists had formed so-called "national partisans." They were formed from raiding forces, which were left by retreating Hitlerites or landed on the territory of Latvia. They included mostly former SS legionaries and deserters. From 1944 till 1953 they killed more than a thousand citizens and about 600 army officers.

It would be interesting to see whether NATO Secretary General and other high officials, which support democracy, will be able to call down the authorities of a small European country. There are WWII Anti-Hitler Coalition members among those who played an important role in the NATO's formation. Could it be that they are not ashamed becoming political whores?

Fascism is condemned by all rules of international law. Its manifestations are forbidden almost in every country. And all of a sudden the public becomes witness of some wannabees supporting neo-Nazism!

Latvian big noses have gone too far in their game of independence where they do anything they like. The Baltic seacoast became a comfortable refuge for fascists of the XXI century: they enjoy respect as well as financial support. They are set as an example for the future generation. Consider this: no one notices babies growing up and building muscles!

The Western society seems not to notice the fascist consolidation supported by government on purpose. It is ready to take risks and jeopardize interests of different nations in order to get mere benefit of resources. And there is no way to make it change its mind. Latvia with its criminal ideology does not count when there is a tasty morsel on the way: Russian mineral resources, for instance, or the possibility of preventing the union of Russia with powerful Asian countries. 

While dismissing Latvia, the Western community is doing its best to weaken its Eastern neighbor to obtain access to vast expanses of resources, which will bring quick and easy profits if only Russia collapses. As a result there is a true profascist regime formed almost near Russian borders. Only a blind deaf-mute would not notice this. 

However, such intrigues will cost a lot to “advanced nations.”  Moreover, they can easily walk twice into the same water. By assisting terrorists on the territory of Russia, they got London bombings in response. The same can take place in case with Latvian fascists. Neither terrorism, nor fascism has limits. The question is whether it is worth risking the nation's security for a mere profit.

The problem of Latvian fascism became acute long time ago, but only at this time we will be able to see whether Western leaders are sensible to it.
Yaroslava Krestovskaya

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Author`s name Olga Savka