Iraq left alone in chaos as USA prepares for elections

Things are getting worse still in Iraq in all aspects imaginable. The US administration has this country as the biggest headache to deal with daily, while the people or Iraq are sick and tired of daily explosions and never-ending war. Iran may probably be named the only exception: the Iranian administration hopes to gain very good profit from Iraqi chaos.

Two or three US soldiers are killed in Iraq every day. Over a hundred of US servicemen were killed in the war-torn country in October. The cost of the Iraqi war will exceed the staggering two trillion dollars in the near future. About 650,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq since the beginning of the US-British invasion. Daily clashes between Sunnis and Shiites leave about 100 Iraqis in killed. To crown it all, 100,000 Arabs had to leave Iraqi Kurdistan, 200,000 Sunni Arabs abandoned their homes, whereas up to 100,000 Sunni Arabs fled from the central part of the country. If these numbers reflect the real state of affairs in Iraq , the number of refugees may total 350-400 thousand people.

Sixty dead bodies were found in Baghdad in the middle of October. Investigators determined that the people had been tortured and killed. Mass murders occurred regularly in the country during the holy month of Ramadan too. People can be killed when they leave mosques after Friday services, or when they come to recruiting posts to join the army or the police. There were incidents, when masked guerrillas stopped cars in the streets, pulled people out of the vehicles and killed those affiliating to different confessions. Such crimes are regularly committed by both Sunni and Shiite terrorists. The mutual hatred has evolved into a scale of a real civil war in Iraq.

The end of Saddam Hussein’s fascist regime has probably become the only positive achievement in the US-led occupation of Iraq. The price for this accomplishment was more than just horrendous. All inter-ethnic and inter-confessional conflicts, suppressed during Hussein’s totalitarian regime, were released once the US special services captured the Iraqi dictator. The Iraqis are free, they can say what they want and curse the authorities. A variety of political parties appeared in Iraq, numerous newspapers started their activities too. However, all these positive changes lose their importance against the background of disastrous insecurity and outburst of violence in Iraq nationwide.

This phenomenon can be partly explained with historical peculiarities of the Iraqi population which never became one single nation. The first Iraqi King Faysal said shortly before his death that there was no Iraqi nation, but just a group of human creatures deprived of all patriotic ideas, but filled with religious traditions and all kinds of absurdities, subjected to evil and anarchy. Sunnis have been suppressing their country-fellows, Shiites, and even their coreligionists, Kurds, for hundreds of years. When Hussein’s era came to its ends, the Shiites, which made up to 60 percent of the national population, decided that it was their time to take revenge for all troubles and tribulations.

Shiites are interested in the preservation of the USA’s presence in Iraq . In the event the US administration finishes the process of establishing the American style of democracy, the Shiite majority of the country may either win the majority in the parliament and the government by means of democratic elections or create an autonomous Shiite region in the south.

It is worthy of note that 52 percent of US citizens do not believe in the USA’s victory in Iraq. Bush continues to insist that the USA is going in the right direction in Iraq and excludes a possibility of withdrawing troops from the country. The US president does not intend to dismiss the mastermind of the USA’s grand fiasco in Iraq – Donald Rumsfeld. Quite on the contrary, Bush says that Rumsfeld and Cheney are doing “fantastic job.” It was quite a scoffing remark to hear for those people who believe that Rumsfeld and Cheney are directly responsible for the USA’s political disaster in Iraq.

Democrats will definitely try to gain profit from the coming elections in the USA against such a depressing background. However, the Dems have no charismatic leader. They also lack a program on the regulation of the Iraqi crisis. It is very easy to say that the USA should withdraw from Iraq. However, it also means that the war-torn country will be left in the middle of its long-lasting bloody massacre.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov