USA to declare nuclear war on Russia in December

The USA prepares to launch a nuclear war with Russia in December of the current year, The Washington Post wrote. It will be a “toy variant” of the war so far. US generals have developed a new scenario of missile tests, in which Russia remains one of the conditional enemies of the USA.

The missile battle entitled Vigilant Shield-07 is scheduled to take place on December 4-14. The nuclear war takes place around the conflict initiated by a non-existent country Irmingham, which probably stands for Iran, as it attempts to start enriching uranium. Three other non-existent countries stand up to defend Irmingham: Reubek (Russia), Nemazee (North Korea) and Churya (China).

Ruebek sends nuclear submarines in the Pacific Ocean not to let the USA take preventive measures against Irmingham. North Korea, the Pentagon believes, sets its intercontinental missiles on high alert and starts making preparations for a nuclear test. Angry Russians definitely reject NATO’s peaceful pledges, and the State Department calls off the US ambassador to Russia “for consultations.” Afterwards the US president delivers a national speech. Russia eventually loses its temper: eight strategic Tu-95 bomber planes take off carrying non-nuclear cruise missiles to destroy the US air defense. A little later Russia strikes the US territory with four nuclear ballistic missiles. Three other Tu-95 bombers attack US air base in Alaska and the Canadian Air Force Headquarters. Two Russian nuclear missiles fail to hit their targets, whereas two other missiles hit Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center – the location of the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

In addition to the nuclear strike from Russia, the USA suffers another disaster when terrorists detonate a powerful nuclear bomb placed in the building of the Pentagon. To add more fuel to the fire, North Korea launches two ballistic missiles towards the USA. The USA launches two nuclear missiles towards Russia, and this is the point in the scenario when nuclear attacks miraculously end.

It is noteworthy that the traditional exposure of USA’s secret military plans through the state-controlled newspaper (The Washington Post) has several goals. With this publication the Pentagon aims to intimidate Iran and North Korea and sound out the positions of Russia and China. The military exercise described above is a part of the US propaganda. The Pentagon would never let top secret military plans appear on newspaper pages next to TV announcements and cheeseburger ads.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov