US administration dynamited Twin Towers, Hugo Chavez says

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez released another sensational statement. He said that the US administration could have been directly involved in the organization of 9/11 attacks in New York.

Chavez said that US special services could have dynamited the WTC Twin Towers in New York to make the buildings tumble down. The Venezuelan leader added that buildings could not be demolished the way it happened with the WTC towers, unless there was an explosion conducted inside the skyscrapers to shake their walls.

Chavez believes that the US administration was in dire need of a good reason to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. The terrorist acts came in handy. “This is not an absurd theory. The towers could have been dynamited. The buildings do not collapse like that unless they are dynamited,” Hugo Chavez said.

Commenting on a report about alternative versions of the September 11 attacks in the USA, Venezuela’s leader set forth a similar version regarding the explosions of the Pentagon. “They say another plane crashed on the Pentagon, but there were no traces of the plane left,” the president said.

The hijacked jetliners slammed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The whole world has seen the footage. It is hard to say if the towers had been mined, or whether US special services and terrorists were acting in concert with one another or not.

Terrorist group al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the terrorist acts which killed about 3,000 people. Soon after the attacks the US administration launched a large-scale military operation in Afghanistan, where al-Qaeda’s leader Osama bin Laden was supposedly hiding. However, they found no Osama there.

The USA accused Saddam Hussein of sponsoring international terrorism and invaded Iraq in the spring of 2003. Needless to say that there is still no evidence to prove Hussein’s sponsorship of terrorist activities. US soldiers found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq either.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov