Osama bin Laden remains elusive because of USA's "care for other states' sovereignty"

USA disregarded its “respectful attitude” to other states, when it bombed Serbia and invaded Iraq

American special services have been chasing the prime suspect of September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden, for a very long time already. The Western society has been led to believe that Osama bin Laden may not even actually exist at all. On the other hand, news messages about US intelligence capturing Bin Laden's associates and al-Qaeda's figures appear on a regular basis. It brings up the idea that at least one of the arrested accomplices should have given their terrorist leader away. Such an experience has already been registered in Iraq, when US special services received a lot of information about the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein.

However, the leader of the international terrorist network is still elusive. Porter Goss, the Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, said that he had been very well informed about Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts. However, the CIA cannot arrest terrorist No.1 because of the USA's respectful attitude to sovereignty of other states.

One shall assume that the USA disregarded its “respectful attitude” to other states, when it bombed Serbia and invaded Iraq. However, the US administration seems to have a respectful attitude to Mr. Bin Laden.

According to the CIA director, the USA has to deal with the issues of international obligations in its quest for possible shelters of the terrorist in sovereign states. Mr. Goss believes that the US administration needs to find a way to use untraditional methods of work in the world. Such a statement seems to be more than just strange, taking into consideration previous methods, which the USA used against other sovereign countries.

Porter Goss added in an interview with Time magazine that the CIA had certain weak links in the chain that the States used in the war against terrorism. Osama bin Laden will remain free until the USA strengthens all the links of the chain, Goss said. The CIA director said that there had been progress achieved in the capture and destruction of the prime suspect. However, international obligations tie American special services hand and foot.

Port Goss did not expose Bin Laden's whereabouts, of course, neither had he named any state, where the terrorist could be hiding. According to American defense departments, Osama bin Laden is hiding somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva