“The USA’s war against Cuba never ended.”

Washington has been nurturing plans for many years already for overthrowing the Communist regime in Cuba. The Americans were considering an economic blockade and radio propaganda as variants for the physical elimination of Fidel Castro. However, not only has Fidel not lost the trust of the people, but he has found a way to strengthen the economy. This was announced by former deputy of the first main headquarters of the KGB General-Lieutenant Nikolai Leonov. Today, he is a doctor of history and deputy of the State Duma. A correspondent from Pravda.ru asked him to comment on the situation on Freedom Island in connection with the illness of the long-standing Cuban leader.

-Nikolai Sergeevich, during the course of Fidel Castro’s rule, it has been announced several times that the USA is planning to overthrow the regime in Cuba . How reliable is this information?

-President Carter, who became president of the USA in 1976, carried out a thorough liquidation of the Central Intelligence Agency. He created a commission of the Congress for investigation into the activity of the CIA, which presented a detailed report on the activity of the intelligence service. Then, evidence was brought to light, showing that the CIA had, on its own initiative, eliminated statesmen of other countries.

It turned out that it had been involved in the murder of Lumumba. The collaboration of the CIA with various kinds of political groups in Chile and the involvement of the American intelligence service in the murder of the president of this country, Allende, were revealed. It was then that open plans for the murder of Fidel Castro were discovered.

-At the time of the Caribbean crisis at the Bay of Pigs , troops of Cuban emigrants disembarked. What prevented then President John Kennedy from giving an order for military support for this event?

I think that Kennedy understood that the military enterprise game with Cuba was highly dangerous and unpredictable. The people of Cuba did not support and continue not to support the USA and the anti-revolutionaries that the USA ’s special services disembarked on that bay, having trained and armed them beforehand. The president of the USA felt that Cuba could turn into a second Vietnam .

-And what about the plan for the physical elimination of Fidel Castro?

The USA ’s war against Cuba never ended, it simply changed form. Either it was military intervention, or plans for the murder of Castro. There were once intentions of pressurizing the island with an economic blockade, now there are plans for undermining Castro’s regime from the inside with the help of television and radio programs. This war has been going on for 40 years already.

-Why did the predictions of various analysts, concerning the break-up of Fidel Castro’s regime after the disappearance of its main donor, the USSR , not come true?

The Cubans were able to do a lot and quickly built up their economic policy. They developed the large-scale tourist industry which has stabilized the economy. Every year, approximately two million tourists visit Cuba .

Even if the so-called democratic media confirms that Cuba is a very poor country in which the whole nation is starving, the Cubans are developing their oil output quite successfully. In one year, their oil output reached four and a half million tons. All the electrical energy production on the island is funded by their energy resources.

This is a colossal historical turn in Cuba’s fate. The country is not the way it used to be, it depends on external suppliers.

But the important thing is the trust of its people in their leader. Only Fidel Castro could win over such love from his people, a love that does not fade from one year to the next. He finds a solution in the most complicated situations.

For this reason, it is wrong to say that Cuba and its leader receive external support. During my visits to the Island of Freedom, I became convinced that the people of Cuba completely trust Fidel Castro.


Translated by Leila Wilmers

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Author`s name Alex Naumov