Venezuela and Belarus join forces to fight American supremacy

The President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez started touring the countries of the former USSR on Monday. One of the most prominent politicians of our times decided to make Belarus the first stop of his tour to have an official meeting with his colleague, Alexander Lukashenko.

Chavez’s visit to Belarus attracted observers’ attention immediately. It just so happens that a politician known for his anti-American stance visits “the last dictator in Europe.”

Chavez and Lukashenko agreed upon the creation of a strategic alliance. “It is time for us to unite and it happened on July 24-25 of 2006. We have established a strategic alliance between Venezuela and Belarus,” Hugo Chavez said in Minsk Tuesday.

The Venezuelan president was particularly inspired about the prospects of military cooperation between the two countries. It is an open secret that Hugo Chavez is looking for new defense contracts after the US administration cut the adequate cooperation with Venezuela. Chavez has already signed a deal for the delivery of Russian firearms, helicopters and pursuit planes.

Belarus could become a good addition to Hugo Chavez’s package of defense contracts. “Both Venezuela and Belarus are forced to be on high alert all the time. It is vitally important for us to defend our fatherland to be able to withstand an external threat. Our national projects are successful that is why they trouble imperialism. The national projects in our countries are aimed at the creation of a multi-polar world. They are meant to bring the imperial ambition to nothing,” Chavez said.

The Venezuelan leader urged Belarus and its leadership to show resistance to artificial and fake democracy which actually works as dictatorship of elite and transport oligarchs. “We must rise against the economic model which makes the majority of people poor, whereas the minority becomes incredible wealthy. We are friends and brothers. When the Soviet Union collapsed, and the US imperialism attempted to raise the banner of supremacy, the terrible jaws of imperialism and capitalism tried to devour Belarus and Latin America . It was announced that those countries and nations were dead. However, nations and socialism will never die,” Chavez said in a statement to Interfax.

It is worthy of note that Alexander Lukashenko got used to the emotional character of his Latin American guest during the second day of his stay in Belarus. One could see that the Belarussian president was lost for words when Chavez was being too emphatic about this or that issue. When Hugo Chavez visited the historical complex Stalin’s Line on Monday and enjoyed a military performance staged especially for the Venezuelan delegation, the president of Venezuela promised to make a “battle team” with Lukashenko. The Belarussian president was obviously confused about the suggestion: “Well, maybe a hockey or a football team,” he said being a little embarrassed.

Alexander Lukashenko was more courageous on Tuesday, though. “The independent economic development of our countries has led to unprecedented pressure that is being put upon our countries by those seeking global domination,” Lukashenko said. “They have been persistently trying to impose their ideology and morality upon us, their pseudo-economic reforms that inevitably impoverish most of the population for the sake of super profits received by a small group of money-bags. When people say no to such “well-wishers” they accuse the country of the absence of democracy and violation of human rights,” the president of Belarus said.

Judging upon the tone of statements released by Chavez and Lukashenko, the two presidents managed to find a common language with each other. Indeed, it is extremely important for Venezuela and Belarus to start both economic and political cooperation. Hugo Chavez’s visit to Belarus has become an event of paramount importance for the former Soviet republic just because of the fact that the president of Venezuela is one of the most influential leaders in Latin America. Chavez has obtained such a reputation due to his anti-American views.

In the meantime, Hugo Chavez starts his official visit to Russia. The Venezuelan president will make his first stop in Russia’s Volgograd.

Vasili Bubnov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov