Georgians throw eggs at George Soros in Tbilisi

The protesters began hurling eggs shortly after Mr. Soros emerged from the hotel and got into the car

A disgraceful incident marred George Soros' visit to Georgia. A few dozen supporters of the former Georgian president, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, threw eggs at a vehicle used by the American businessman and philanthropist in Tbilisi.

The Gamsakhurdia supporters stood outside Marriott Hotel chanting anti-Soros slogans. The protesters began hurling eggs shortly after Mr. Soros emerged from the hotel and got into the car. The protesters say that they are going to carry out similar actions wherever Mr. Soros show up. They believe that Mr. Soros is a mastermind behind Georgia's rose revolution which resulted in the installation of today’s leadership.

George Soros came to Georgia on a three-day visit. According to him, he arrived in Georgia to look at the changes occurred after the so-called revolution of roses. “I have not been to Tbilisi since the rose revolution took place in November 2003 so I would like to see how the country changed in the last 18 months,” said Mr. Soros.

George Soros will also be involved in “the promotion of democracy in Georgia” during his three-day trip in Tbilisi, according to a spokesperson for the Georgian branch of the NGO Open Society. Mr. Soros is expected to meet with the Georgian leadersdhip and local NGOs. He will also take part in events marking the 10th anniversary of the Georgian branch of Open Society.

Mr. Soros leveled his criticism at the developments in Russia a couple of months ago. The American billionaire said that Russia had taken a step back under President Putin. According to him, neither the freedom of press nor the opposition exists any more in Russia. “The Russian judiciary is fully dependent on the authorities,” said he. By and large, Russia “has no democracy that works”, Mr. Soros was quoted as saying. Mr. Soros asserted that present-day Russia had lost its right to the G-8 membership.

Mr. Soros also said that Russia and countries of the Middle East were behind the weak U.S. dollar because the above countries were gaining additional profits out of exchange rate difference between the dollar and the euro. Mr. Soros warned that the U.S. currency might slide even lower if the world oil prices kept rising. The American billionaire pointed out that the low exchange rate of the dollar against other world currencies helped reduce the amount of U.S. trade deficit yet the markets would suffer from dire consequences should the dollar slip below a certain level. He did not specify where exactly that level stood at.

Photos by NTV

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Author`s name Olga Savka