USA sends 15 spy planes to North Korean borders over the fear of nuclear tests

According to US intelligence, North Korea is preparing a test of a nuclear device

The Pentagon sent 15 F-117A Nighthawk spy planes to South Korea. An official spokesman for the US defense department said that decision was made within the scope of a normal regulation of armed forces in the western territory of the Pacific region.

Sources in the Department of Defense insist that the measure is in no way connected with the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula. Rumors of an A-bomb test that North Korea was supposedly preparing had nothing to do with the decision to send US spy planes to the region, the source specified.

US officials have recently received information from American intelligence satellites saying that North Korea was probably working on a nuclear test. N.Korean authorities rejected the information, Interfax said.

An official statement was read out on the central TV channel of North Korea. The statement particularly said that the US administration's data regarding missile tests and an underground nuclear explosion were nothing but a hoax. The authors of the statement believe that Washington continues being rather bellicose and abusive.

It is noteworthy that the government of South Korea said that the US information about North Korea's forthcoming nuclear tests was not true to fact. Japan sticks to the same opinion.

North Korea is not likely to perform a test of a nuclear device in the near future, the press secretary of the Japanese foreign political department, Hatsuhisa Takasima said Friday during a press conference in Tokyo, RIA Novosti reports.

Answering a question about the attitude of the Japanese government to the above-mentioned statement from N.Korean authorities, Takasima said that Japan did not possess any independent information on the matter, which could either confirm or reject Pyongyang's works connected with an A-bomb test. “Nevertheless, we believe that there will be no such tests performed in the nearest future,” the press secretary of the Japanese Foreign Affairs Ministry stated.

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Author`s name Olga Savka