Iraq and Afghanistan weaken the USA's defensive capacity

The USA's defense budget is likely to exceed $400 billion next year

The military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan seriously restricted opportunities of the US Army, in the field of US forces' participation in potential conflicts in other regions of the world, first and foremost. The Pentagon will have enough energy and funds to conduct new military operations. However, they will take much more time and will be accompanied with considerable losses among US military men.

These are the basic conclusions, which can be made from the report presented by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, to the US Congress. According to the document, the US Armed Forces will win any possible conflict in the future, although the term to achieve the victory may not justify expectations.

Any possible armed conflicts in the future may result in a considerable extension of battling terms, whereas the process to achieve victory in the operation might result in considerable human losses among the American military men and serious damage for the territory of the military operations, Reuters cited the report.

Iran, the Korean Peninsula and the Gulf of Taiwan were named as possible hotspots.

About 138,000 US soldiers are currently serving in Iraq, 17,000 more are on duty in Afghanistan. The US Arms counts 1.4 million people, 1.2 million more are in reserve.

Recruited reservists of National Guard units comprise about 40 percent of the US troops personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US land forces and marine troops experience a lack of volunteers during the recent two or three months.

If US top officials are concerned about problems in the American army indeed, they are skillfully concealing it. White House Deputy Press Secretary Trent Duffy stated that the level of US-led military operations had a certain influence on US troops. Both the American president and the US military command are certain that the USA will be able to resist to any possible threat, Mr. Duffy concluded.

Despite such cheerful statements from American officials, the problems, which the US Army has been experiencing during the recent four years, are serious enough. It has been rumored that the USA might introduce the universal military service again. President Bush even had to reject the supposition during his election campaign. However, there is no smoke without fire, as they say.

For the time being, the US administration continues increasing the national defense spending. The USA's defense budget is likely to exceed $400 billion next year. It is noteworthy that the sum does not include costs on military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan: the White House asked for additional $82 billion for these purposes. The adequate draft law has already been coordinated.

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Author`s name Olga Savka