Global anti-American sentiments ruin the international image of the USA

Improving the image will be no help in the event the government runs fundamentally wrong policy

Anti-American sentiments have been gathering pace all over the world. The conclusion about it was made in the report, prepared by the chief supervisory department of the US Congress.

According to various opinion polls, anti-American sentiments have been growing and deepening globally, the report says. Authors of the report think that such anti-American sentiments can result in increasing support of terrorism against American citizens.

Such sentiments are likely to exert a negative influence on the cost and efficiency of US-led military operation and lessen opportunities for the USA to ally with other states to achieve common political goals. In addition, anti-American sentiments might reduce the enthusiasm of the Western society regarding American business services and goods.

The report also criticized George W. Bush and his administration. The document said that the White House had not developed a program to improve the USA's image abroad, RIA Novosti reports.

It goes without saying that the current US administration is not indifferent to the image that the USA and American citizens have to enjoy in other countries of the globe. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has recently announced the appointment of Karen Hughes to the position of under secretary of state for public diplomacy. Hughes is particularly in charge of the work connected with the improvement of the USA's image abroad, in Muslim countries first and foremost. It is noteworthy that it was Hughes, who put forward the idea in 2002 to set up the agency of global communications. The agency was supposed to be profoundly involved in the creation of the positive image about the USA in foreign countries, particularly in Muslim states. However, the recent report from the chief supervisory department of the Congress proves that things are right where they started. There is no guarantee that Karen Hughes will achieve considerable success on her new position.

A lot of US experts believe, though, that the problem is not about the number of agencies working on the image of the USA, and how much funds the US government is ready to assign for the purpose. The image improvement will be no help in the event the government runs fundamentally wrong policy, an American expert said several years ago, prior to the start of the war in Iraq.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva