Palestine’s Hamas sends letter of jokes to UN promising peace with Israel

One of Hamas leaders, Mahmoud Al Zahar, who currently takes the position of the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Palestine Authority, wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General. The Palestinian official wrote that Palestine was ready to conduct a dialogue with Israel. The minister set out a hope to finally establish peace in the Middle East and added that the Israeli colonial policy cast doubts on the issue of regulation based on the coexistence of the two states.

The letter from the new administration of Palestine amazed UN officials. Not so long ago Hamas utterly refused to recognize Israel and give up terrorist activities. That was the reason why a dialogue with the new government of Palestine seemed to be impossible. The recent visit of the Hamas delegation to Moscow did not bring any positive results either. The winners of the Palestinian parliamentary elections did not change their anti-Israeli stance during the talks with Russian officials.

It turned out later that the letter from the Foreign Affairs Minister of Palestine to Kofi Annan was a technical mistake. The dream was not meant to come true.

This incident of political misunderstanding brings up another story which happened to a Russian statesman. Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrei Kozyrev delivered a very tough anti-Western speech at the end of his ministerial career at an international conference. The speech was a shock to everyone in the audience. However, the Russian minister told everyone later that it was only a joke. The speech, the minister said, showed the views of the would-be Russian administration that strictly condemned Boris Yeltsin’s reforms.

It is worthy of note that the speech, which Mr. Kozyrev delivered many years ago, sounds very liberal nowadays. The head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry used such a trick to sound out the reaction of the Western society to the foreign politics of Russian Federation in the future.

The story with the letter from the Foreign Affairs Minister of Hamas may come to a similar upshot. One paragraph of the letter that was subsequently declared a technical mistake existed in the political reality, albeit for a very short time. The bit of the letter was talked about and commented on. The news about Hamas’ recognition of the Jewish state in the Middle East may signal possible conflicts within the ruling movement of Palestine. Someone adds provocative paragraphs in the letters of state importance, whereas someone lese strikes them out. This is called a conflict of interests.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov