Yushchenko is in need of Russian investments

So, here is another Russian looser-politician who's willing to relocate to Ukraine…

As though a powerful magnet, the neighboring state attracts our failed-oppositionists and runaway oligarchs. At first there were rumors about the new appointment of Grigory Yavlinsky on the post of Ukraine’s Prime Minister and Yushchenko’s advisor. Afterwards, Boris Berezovsky decided to move to Kiev, Ukraine and settle there permanently. One more “father of Russian democracy”, member of political council of the “Union of right forces” political party Boris Nemtsov is also willing to “make Ukraine happy.” Nemtsov has been appointed a new advisor to the Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko.

According to Nemtsov, he’s got an exact goal in mind. Namely, he intends to draw Russian investments into Ukraine, thus improving the overall investment environment in the neighboring country. This appears to be a huge task indeed… It is still unclear however, why does it have to be Nemtsov. In case Russian businessmen decide to invest in Ukraine, it is doubtful they will be in need of Nemtsov’s help.

Former political leader intends to work for free. Nemtsov was officially appointed on Saturday. Ukrainian President’s press-service did not confirm the fact; they did not refute it either. Overall, reports RIA “Novosti”, Yuhchenko’s press-secretary Irina Gerashchenko has expressed her doubts in regards to the aforementioned fact. As far as Nemtsov himself is concerned, he claims to possess a copy of Yushchenko’s official decree.

However, certain facts cast no shade of doubt whatsoever – chief of the director’s board of the “Neftyanoi” company Mr. Nemtsov, who had successfully failed all his beginnings in political sphere, decided to remind everyone of his existence. What a remarkable PR campaign indeed!

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov