American biggest problem

Americans feel quite comfortable with George Bush at power after they've re-elected him for the second term. George Bush in turn feels quite comfortable with the American people by his side.

Otherwise, it wouldn't have been so easy to deploy troops to Afghanistan, Iraq and God knows where else. Rumor has it that Iran or Syria will be the next target. The rest of the world does not like the head of the White House to say the least. At least, such are the results of the public poll conducted at BBC’s request.

Actually, one could hardly hope for another kind of results. The rise of anti-American sentiments that have been provoked by the politics of current administration aren’t novel at all. This will hardly be an exaggeration to claim that the major problem of the US' foreign policy is George Bush himself. Such negative attitude towards Mr. President gets automatically applied to ordinary American civilians. So the BBC survey has once again presented a clear picture of rather steadfast negative attitude towards the US.

However, there still remain countries in the world which do not have any hard feelings against Americans in general and Bush in particular. These countries are Poland, Philippines and India. The remaining 18 states (out of 21 countries) demonstrated negative attitude towards America.

Obviously, Muslim states including Turkey, which is an American ally in NATO, do not tolerate American approach to politics.

Residents of the two biggest states of Latin America: Brazil and Argentina (78 and 79% consequently) do not welcome Bush’s activity. Their point of view is shared by residents of Eastern European countries, including American closest partner – Great Britain, as well as Canada and Mexico.

As far as Russia is concerned, 16% provided positive answers while 39% answered “no” when asked whether the world has become any safer after Bush’s re-election. 16% of Russians view American influence in the world as positive, whereas 64% regard it as negative.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov