The world may celebrate the end of the Western civilization

The scandal with the publication of Prophet Muhammad caricatures in European newspapers has outlined a few rather interesting details. First of all, the world has become open as the West wanted it to be. Secondly, the multi-cultural aspect of Europe has become more than just obvious. The scandal with the cartoons is a very important lesson that Russia needs to learn.

Western politicians have been urging the whole world to become more open. According to the Western point of view, globalization is an inevitable and positive process. It therefore means that the so-called global openness should replace national sovereignty.

The idea of the globalized world has returned to the West as a serious blow. Production centers were moved to remote parts of the world long ago. The Western economy has lost its erstwhile power of competition. More importantly, the world’s biggest oil reserves are located outside the zone of the “gold billion.” To crown it all, the Western civilization has been declining steadily against the background of the propaganda of consumption and personal extra-comfort that have become norms in the Western lifestyle. Having children has become something like atavism in the West which causes too much discomfort and trouble to people's professional careers and personal development. Unlike the “highly developed Western civilization,” Asia , Africa and Latin America suffer from the overpopulation crisis. Western nations gradually lose their cultural identities giving way to undemanding enduring and charismatic nations which in their turn continue their invasion in the West by its own permission.

Indeed, the West has been successfully using the phenomenon of globalization for many years pursuing its selfish needs and minimizing negative consequences. Western countries interfere in other countries’ sovereign affairs, conquer foreign markets, control cash flows, attract cheaper labour force, etc. One has to acknowledge that the Western world has accomplished a lot at this point. On the other hand, every action has a reaction. The world, which the West has been ruthlessly transforming for years, has started to transform the West in return.

American and European politicians promote democracy as the ultimate social structure that should reign in the whole world. They should probably enjoy the victory of Hamas at the democratic elections in Palestine . The West thinks that it has a right to observe and control the fulfillment of democracy all over the world and endorse Western standards in other countries’ cultures. In return, the West has to witness global riots caused with a publication of several drawings in a provincial European newspaper. If the US or the EU administration believes that it is entitled to run a military action against a sovereign state, it means that many Americans may fall victims of a terrorist attack at any moment.

The Western standards have made the world look a fright. Social and political technologies may eventually play a malicious joke with the West. Many respectable politicians acknowledge nowadays that massive immigration may destroy the Western civilization in the end. Immigrants continue to conquer the worldpromoting their ownneeds andvalues.They play a serious role in Europe's political life already. It brings up the idea that they will become a powerful election force in both the USA and Europe in 10 or 15 years.

As a rule, immigrants preserve their national identity, which gives them a reason to defend their rights and needs. They express their protests when a European government bans the wearing of hijab headscarves in European schools. They put Paris in chaos burning thousands of cars and smashing windows. They demand respect for their traditions when European newspapers publish the controversial cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. They do not seem to care about the multicultural paradise on the globe which the West propagandizes so violently.

Immigration has become a serious problem for the USA too. Non-white Americans have become much more socially and politically active than they used to be in the past. There are US experts who think that immigrants and their growing families will eventually create one of the most serious problems for the USA ’s internal security in the 21st century.

It gives up the idea that there will not be a notion of the “Western world” in the future. Those nations which turn down their authenticity to the benefit of the myth about the globalized world will inevitably lose their viability under the pressure of alien aggressive cultures. The nations, which created the Western civilization decades ago and defended its standards and values throughout many bloody wars, do not feel at home in their own lands nowadays. They may continue to fight for homosexuals' rights and explore the nature of women’s orgasm, but they may also defend a right for lethal injections.

The Russian government must pay as much attention as possible to all of the above-mentioned problems. The Russian authorities need to develop a thought-out national policy and identify strategic national goals. Russia already suffers from regional separatism, the ongoing war in Chechnya, the growing extremist sentiments, etc.

American and European officials have perfectly exercised the groundbreaking power of propaganda and PR technologies. Their impact has overthrown empires, tyrants and even international associations. The West has managed to turn whole nations inside out without using missiles and bombs. The uncontrollable distribution of Islamic extremism in the world – the number one concern for the globe – and the growing popularity of such sentiments that leads to the establishment of terrorist networks originally spring from well-known Western political technologies. It is an open secret that the USA launchws several of such projects to struggle with the USSR during the Cold War era.

One may only hope that the global protest against the publication of Prophet Muhammad cartoons is just a single occurrence, or a result of a provocation that will never repeat again in the future and will not take the shape of a global anti-Western movement. It is obvious though that the world is changing right before our very eyes. If events like this continue to occur, the West may fall into a snake pit that it has dug out itself.

Sergei Mikheev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov