Georgian Minister causes a stir by calling Russia a "Fascist State"

It seems that there is something wrong in the Georgian government. For weeks harsh words have been coming out of Tblisi in Russia ’s direction. However, on this occasion Georgian Minister Georgii Khaindrava outdid all his colleagues by labeling Russia a “Fascist State.”

The shocking statement was made on Georgian television channel, Rustavi 2, when Khaindrava was debating with the Deputy of the State Duma, Victor Alksnis, a member of the CIS Committee. In reply to the Russian Deputy’s question about why in the current climate when the Georgian people are leading a wretched existence and hundreds of thousands of citizens have to make their living in Russia or some other country, the authorities are preparing for a war against South Osetia and Abkhazia, Khaindrava lost all sense of self-control

“All your propaganda is a lie. Not even from a Cheka official nor a Bolshevik is it possible to hear such Fascism. You will see in your heart that you have drowned the Soviet Union and all its nations in blood since you don’t find it shameful to speak of Fascism,” Khaindrava began, “Your people are starving and freezing in the Far East and in Georgia it is cold because you blow up oil and gas pipelines. Leave South Osetia . We will settle the situation with our Abkhazi and Osetian brothers without you,” continued the Minister.

The Deputy Alksnis continued to bear the brunt of the verbal attack from Khaindrava. “You have covered the whole of humanity in blood. There is now fascism in Russia. You kill people based on their ethnicity. There will come a time when you and the other Fascists, who attempt to cause havoc in other countries, will have to answer for your crimes on Georgian territories.

Victor Alksnis in an interview with said that Khaindrava’s words had come completely out of the blue. “Speaking honestly, I had not expected such a turn of events. We were having a perfectly normal discussion and I was saying that they should not blame Russia for all their problems. I remarked that they have a nation that is in poverty and yet they are getting ready for war. Then all of a sudden he started shouting, became enraged and I was simply shocked,” said tae Deputy.

Alksnis believes that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ought to intervene. “When a Deputy says something, he is only voicing his own opinion. However, when a Minister does it, it is another matter entirely. He is a state official and his words reflect the State’s point of view. The accusation that Russia is a fascist state is completely out of order. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs simply has to intervene. We should at once demand an explanation and also take decisive measures until we receive a response from the ambassador. It is time to end this madness,” concluded the Alksnis.

Ivan Shmelyev

Translated by Michael Simpson

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Author`s name Michael Simpson